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I Love Bad Movies #6

The latest issue of the I Love Bad Movies zine is here, and it’s the best news to come out of New York since I heard Viva Herbal Pizzeria on 2nd Avenue had unexpectedly shut. 301 more words


The 10 Weirdest Zines Born in Brooklyn

Print is alive in Brooklyn. In fact, it’s downright existential.

The zinesters at this weekend’s Brooklyn Zine Fest (April 26 – 27 from 11am to 6pm) will debut their funky handmade mags at the  230 more words


Annual Zine Fest Returns to Brooklyn

Later this month, the third annual Brooklyn Zine Fest returns to NYC in an “exposition of self-published magazines in the greatest borough in the greatest city in the world.” The enthusiastic zinesters and event co-creators Matt Carman and Ksenia Yarosh are proud to announce, “This third annual event will feature 150 writers, artists, and publishers from the five boroughs and beyond, including a Student Section showcasing the next generation of zine makers,” of what to expect from the highly anticipated Zine Fest. 247 more words


Jealous of my life? Well, not everyone can live this awesome.

There are few words which bring me as much joy in a movie trailer as “And there is only one man…” spoken in the deep throaty voice of a dude in a sound room who is paid to speak in badassery tones. 405 more words

I Love Bad Movies hosts "Twin Sitters" Feb. 22!

You probably didn’t see everything at The L.A. Zine Fest, but I hope you got to see I Love Bad Movies’ zines of movie reviews and illustrations. 171 more words

The Black Guy

I Love Bad Movies #16

Why does the black guy always get killed first in a horror movie? Is it racism? A coincidence? Or is there a logical reason? 49 more words


The Thing That Ate Teenagers!

I love Bad Movies #18

What’s better than a B-Movie? The B-Movie trailer! Yes, a cram-packed mini movie that explodes in your face like so much porn star… Filled with great voice-overs and spinning, dripping, flying GRAPHICS! 107 more words