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Pre-Orders for My Second Book "Love Cats" will be Available Soon!

I’m excited that pre-orders for “Love Cats” will be available possibly as soon as next week, from Next Century Publishing, Barnes & Noble Store and Amazon. 428 more words

me: (carries cat into room)
me: (gently places cat onto soft bed)
me: (pets cat in favorite spot)
cat: nah

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What greater gift than the love of a cat?

One common criticism people have towards cats is that they don’t show how their feelings or affection. Those who haven’t been blessed with the furry feline love really have difficulties believing that cats can be extremely loving and affectionate. 822 more words


Don't Talk About IT . . . Be About IT!!!

Don’t you just love it when you share some extraordinary news with someone, and they’re such a killjoy? I had some incredible news to share with one of my co-workers about a breakthrough with an animal control issue in our city. 399 more words

Confusion During the Night

So I’m sound asleep, like totally out cold and nothing should wake me up.  While I woke up with a start.  I’m half asleep, heart is pounding, and I’m confused.   161 more words


Pamiętajcie, że według Konstytucji Zarzecza:

“Człowiek ma prawo kochać kota i opiekować się nim” 


“Kot nie ma obowiązku kochać swego pana, ale powinien pomóc mu w trudnej chwili” 754 more words