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Photo Edits Using Lil Bub app!

I did these Lil Bub stickers on my photos, you can find the app on Google Play store & AppStore on Apple!

I love cats! <3


Pictures Of My 3 Cats ^.^ [love them]

I have had the girls since 2010 & the male since 2013.

The girls are called Bubble & Squeak ^.^

The male is called Liquorice :) 12 more words


Animals | cat****

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By Mustafaozlemis

Source: 500px.com


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My 10 Favorite Pictures of My Precious Kitty

So as most everyone who meets me knows, I love cats. A lot. It will be mentioned multiple times in a single conversation typically. You know how people say they don’t trust you if you don’t like dogs? 502 more words

Cats, Meows & My Maw

I really like cats. In fact, I’d rather know lots of cats than lots of people.

My Mum hasn’t been very well for a few years and this guy always makes her day when she’s struggling with one of her many illnesses. 291 more words


Would You Date Someone If They Hated Your Cat?

Cute photo swiped from Google search

Why doesn’t Janey like me?!

In “Love Cats” when Beck Stewart meets Janey Peyton, he thinks he found the perfect girl … except … 249 more words