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Starting Monday I will be posting three times a day with different topics. I will be sharing with you about my faith, my life, and things that I think most people are afraid to talk about. 118 more words

Cocoa Pebbles

I just ate a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles (at 2:45am!) and it was oh-so-delicious! Cocoa Pebbles cereal reminds me of when my family still lived in San Francisco. 172 more words


Hana 1, Pet Guardian 0

Well, I tried and I tried.  “Hana!!!”  “Off!!!” Hana would look at me with those big brown eyes in a most quizzical way.  I could see it in those eyes.  449 more words

A Day to Reflect and Wonder

Today I reflect as the pet guardian and have decided this post will have Tracker take the background for awhile…….

While I walked Hana and her sister Cleo on a split leash I often would get stopped and asked what kind of ‘breed’ they were because they are so beautiful!  686 more words

It's A Sad Day in the Life of a Dog

I know.  It’s weeks and months sometimes  before I post.  Such inconsistency.

Today I need a sanction to be excused for being away for so long.  759 more words

Evening Walk with my Boy

Roger and I decided to go on a walk tonight. It started off as an ordinary walk but we decided to take a different path. This time we  turned down a block that we had ever walked before and we found a cute little elementary school surrounded by little neighborhood houses. 307 more words

gratitude-a-thon day 874: strike a pose

It’s graduation season. The season of posing for pictures. So, like, this absolutely made me wet my pants today. WET. MY. PANTS. I’m going to change them now.