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Cocoa Pebbles

I just ate a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles (at 2:45am!) and it was oh-so-delicious! Cocoa Pebbles cereal reminds me of when my family still lived in San Francisco. 172 more words


Hana 1, Pet Guardian 0

Well, I tried and I tried.  “Hana!!!”  “Off!!!” Hana would look at me with those big brown eyes in a most quizzical way.  I could see it in those eyes.  449 more words

A Day to Reflect and Wonder

Today I reflect as the pet guardian and have decided this post will have Tracker take the background for awhile…….

While I walked Hana and her sister Cleo on a split leash I often would get stopped and asked what kind of ‘breed’ they were because they are so beautiful!  686 more words

It's A Sad Day in the Life of a Dog

I know.  It’s weeks and months sometimes  before I post.  Such inconsistency.

Today I need a sanction to be excused for being away for so long.  759 more words

Evening Walk with my Boy

Roger and I decided to go on a walk tonight. It started off as an ordinary walk but we decided to take a different path. This time we  turned down a block that we had ever walked before and we found a cute little elementary school surrounded by little neighborhood houses. 307 more words

gratitude-a-thon day 874: strike a pose

It’s graduation season. The season of posing for pictures. So, like, this absolutely made me wet my pants today. WET. MY. PANTS. I’m going to change them now.

What is Sleep?

I can’t sleep. I can’t function. I can’t adult right now. But I can (try to) blog!

As mentioned in my previous post, MC and I had a menu tasting event at our wedding venue along with all the other Fall 2016 couples. 301 more words