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10 Signs You Work At A Doggy Daycare

1. You have doggy fluids all over your personal items.
Saliva, drool, blood, puke, pee, poop. You name it, I’ve had it on my body or on my possessions. 482 more words


gratitude-a-thon day 681: the best moment that happens everyday

It happens everyday. First thing. Riley gets up and I let him out the back on a leash for his morning pee (I walk him later). 203 more words


A couple of weeks ago, the owner of the bookstore decided that our store is now officially a “dog-free” zone. Up until recently, we’ve always maintained a pretty loosey-goosey attitude about our four-legged friends coming in to browse with their owners. 229 more words


Shhhhhh....dog in charge

Aloha, here we find the dog in the back seat of the truck.

Behind her, she has her Red ‘Ohana Bowl filled with food protected by the patented screw top cap. 89 more words

5 x 7 = 35

Fluffy turns 5 today!!!!!!!!! In human years he’s actually 35 wow! Happy Birthday to my little cute one ❤️ Continue singing! Hehe yes he can sing and he only does when I play the piano ! 33 more words

I Love Dogs

Word Puzzles Poisonous Plants

We all want to protect our four legged friends, but many homes and yards have plants that are just not safe around animals. Here is your chance to test your knowledge. 26 more words

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Well.. I did!

My dogs, Fluffy and Cheesedog, were scheduled to get their shots today, so hello road trip with my little babies!! Cheesedog, my girl mixed breed dog, is one of the nicest dog I’ve ever had and met. 517 more words