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I Love Fall!

Good morning everyone! As fall is very much underway I wanted to put this fall quote out there before all the leaves are gone off our tress. 53 more words

Tag: I love Fall!

Every year I fall in love with fall. Summer is fine, its full of fun, but fall has my heart! I found this tag on  509 more words

Concrete Pumpkins: How-to

Fall is my favorite time of year!

And Halloween is my favorite holiday!

A while ago I made a couple dozen of these concrete pumpkins for a big Halloween party. 538 more words

Two Flavorful Autumn Granola Recipes

By Jen McSorley

One of my favorite snacks to make is granola. I tend not to make it too often as once I start eating it, I can’t put it down! 314 more words


Good Bye September!

Hey Guys!

Happy October! I am so excited that it finally October. I actually dislike September a lot because school starts and back to work so it’s a lot of stress happening and you are getting used to the new schedule.   454 more words


Autumn: The Season of New Beginnings

There are things in this world, that for whatever reason, do not work out. Family issues, anticipated exam grades, relationships, friendships, driving incidents… We’ve been through the everlasting fights and the painful heartbreaks, and sometimes we just have to realize that there is nothing that you can do except to accept and let go. 313 more words

Favorite picture books for fall reading


There is something about the early October that makes us want to collectively call in sick and hide away, cozy in blankets and warm beverages.  The three of us are the most home bodied people you could ever meet (I feel like we should explain to Juniper one day that her tendency to say “let’s just stay home” whenever asked what she would like to go out and do is genetic. 443 more words