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Five Things I Already Love About Malaysia

For everyone who doesn’t know, I’m now in Malaysia. Naoko and I ended our time in Cambodia together and I hopped on a plane to Kuala Lumpur. 760 more words


Welcome Home, and Hellllloo Google!

Yeah, I’m welcoming myself home.
My home.
The place where I belong.

So, after 45 days in Shanghai and two very exhausting+extremely anguishing days of comeback-home journey, I’m finally here. 301 more words

Sabah - The land below the wind

The interesting places in Sabah

This is The Museum of Sabah. It is located near the city. A lot of history of this land collected here. 188 more words


'Why raced-based when we wish to inculcate 1Malaysia?'

If you understand the Malaysian history, you are able to tell the difference between Malay and Malaysian. The Chinese who are born and live in Malaysia are not called Chinese. 484 more words

Why I Love Malaysia?

Shout Outs to My Readers and Friends in Malaysia!

I miss Malaysia so much!

The scenery, the food and the kind people!

I really miss Malaysia!


Tommyboi 7 more words

Korean Pop News


I miss the Malaysia where I grew up. Tun M’s era. My most favourite era. Where the leader was strict, you-tak-suka-Malaysia-you-boleh-blah-style. Because to make everybody satisfied and happy is a definite absurdity. 167 more words


Apa yang lebih penting PEMIMPIN atau PARTI?

Parti dan Ahli Parti adalah totally different berbeza sama sekali. Parti yang bagus tidak semestinya mempunyai Pemimpin yang boleh disokong. Pemimpin yang berkaliber tidak semestinya berada di parti yang betul. 276 more words