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Parava : my review

One of my favourite recent movies…

I am at a loss of words because no set of words would do justice to how good the movie actually is. 41 more words

Day 19 Your favorite movie!

April 19, 2018

First I am so sorry I am so behind on the blog! Gotta get myself back on track!

I have so many favorite movies I literally could be here all day! 25 more words

Piku : my review

Piku is my go-to movie when I would like to just relax my mind. I just love the movie.

This Bollywood movie is about an independent girl who takes care of her father who is annoying 🤣. 21 more words

Blog Discontinued; Reviews Now on Stardust App

Hello, everyone!

After careful consideration, I have decided to discontinue my movie reviews on this blog due to low views. It takes hours to watch a movie and write a full review, and to have all that effort result in little to no views for most of my reviews gets more disappointing as time goes on. 153 more words


You get me: my review

A teenage couple, madly in love, broken up by a mysterious girl who happen to meet the guy when he was in a vulnerable state. A weekend of fun for her, the beginning of a nightmare for him. 42 more words

Goodalochana : my review

From what I felt – low budget, trial and error, funny, good casting, good one time watch.

A group of friends who try to peruse their dream using easy paths. 87 more words

The Age of Adaline: my review

Yes, it’s a bit late to review a 2015 movie but I have to do this. This movie is about a lady who did not age after she turned 29 (how and why? 85 more words