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And on the 8th Day God Created Friendships!

Joan, Me, Darlene 

Friends are such a blessing and I never take any of mine for granted.

August is my birthday month and this lunch date was the kick-off of many celebrations to come — including two other lunch dates with friends, celebrations with my husband, and celebrations with my husband’s family. 297 more words

praise you

*WARNING: This post is a sopfest*

It’s Friday afternoon. It’s August. It’s sunny. I recently got a new job. And I’ve been seeing a lot of beauty in a lot of things recently. 706 more words


Steam Gift Bundles! Excited! Toubleshooting!

Gooooood Morning/Noon/After Noon/Evening, kids!

So, my long time gaming buddy and online-turned-RL friend was thoughtful enough to gift me games in steam :D. I’ve been going through some tough times and, well, I mean yeah they’re just games and stuff but seriously he knew it’d make my day and he knew I’d been eyeing Darkstar for a while (A few years.) now. 360 more words

Video Games

Mount Ulap 2016

First Hike of this year as i needed to unwind., went north, somewhere cold

it was like hiking through a Twilight Saga set with the Pine Trees and all… 19 more words

I Love My Friends! :)

It's Not My Fault!

Surgery.  I have to have surgery.  It’s not even something interesting.  I mean, if you’ve gotta have surgery, it should be to have a 14-pound football-sized tumor removed, only to find out later that it has teeth inside it.  1,246 more words

gratitude-a-thon day 767:girl power in the new year

Let’s end the year with some awesome women folk who have been killing it lately.

Carrie Fisher’s response to internet trolls discussing her looks is the best tweet of the year. 130 more words