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It's Not My Fault!

Surgery.  I have to have surgery.  It’s not even something interesting.  I mean, if you’ve gotta have surgery, it should be to have a 14-pound football-sized tumor removed, only to find out later that it has teeth inside it.  1,246 more words

gratitude-a-thon day 767:girl power in the new year

Let’s end the year with some awesome women folk who have been killing it lately.

Carrie Fisher’s response to internet trolls discussing her looks is the best tweet of the year. 130 more words

the c word...

My friend La Touché aka Mr Hat is one of my biggest inspirations. He’s a badass superhero with an unfailing determination to achieve…which is super empowering and exciting to be around. 970 more words


Scream into the Void

I may only have a few friends but dammit, they are the best!

Thanks H!

Apply when necessary: Scream into the Void

In case you ran out of closets to scream in, just do it there. ;)

I found some peace and sanity finally!

Yesterday I went over to Monte’s Cigar Shop and club. I’ve known the entire Monte family for 8 years now. They are some of the BEST folks a girl could hope to count as friends; hands down, no questions asked. 382 more words


Stencil The City

This morning I participated in one of the “Here When You Need Us” community service days that the company I work for facilitates. We volunteered for… 332 more words

I Love My FRIENDS~by Gina Ancheta Agsaulio


I am just a simple and little fish,

Wish to swim free, but not as dish.

The whales and shark, i´m not afraid, 71 more words