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I Love Shopping #2

Masih menggunakan konsep, teknik, dan material yang sama, I Love Shopping #2 merupakan repro dari I Love Shopping.



Omigod, all I wanted was my medication. I take these huge blue pills for a mild case of Kuru I picked up in New Guinea- I shouldn’t have had the brain fritters, evidently- So I go the local PHARMAHAUS, because that’s what we have to do ever since the PHARMAHAUS goons took old Doc Phelps out into that cornfield and beat him to death with baseball bats, then burned Ye Apothecary Shoppe down and salted the ground upon which it stood. 1,205 more words

Poems And Literary Peccadillos


Omigod, all I wanted was a roll of paper towels, because sometimes, as hard as I try not to, I spill things.

I rode my bike to this gigantic place that they built over where that meadow used to be. 1,307 more words

Poems And Literary Peccadillos

Beauty Haul & Human Hair Eyelashes

So on my spree for Zambia resulted on a few more bits and bobs for my make up, and self.

  1. Simple Sensitive Cleansing wipes – great for removing not only face make up, but eye make up.
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Shopping Haul

I Love Shopping

Media : Paper (Struk / Nota Pembayaran)
Teknik : Tempel dan Acrylic

Melihat budaya kontemporer sedang berkembang di masyarakat, kegiatan menjadi konsumen semakin populer. Kita disuguhi oleh produk-produk yang mampu membuat kita membutuhkannya, entah itu memang sebuah kebutuhan atau bukan. 50 more words