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A Bear Walks Into A Room...

A bear walks into a room. He sees a glass of water. He moves towards it, but someone trips him. He looks up to see his reflection in the mirror. 61 more words

The Story of Water


One oxygen and two hydrogen atoms to make up this molecule, but the story of water is so much more.

We need it to survive. 216 more words

My TOP DRINKS at home

Yes, I am bored to death here at home and all I consider making a blog entry one of the therapeutic ways to help me feel better :) … 491 more words



swam 2 miles on sunday; 2 miles on monday; 2.5 miles on wednesday.  If i swim the usual 4 miles tommorrow (2 in the morning; 2 in the evening), I will have swam 10.5 miles and a new milestone.  115 more words


my mother has delegated tommorrow as the first day of my return to the pool.  Here comes some water displacement, Mr. Science!  She’s readjusted my fatty girl swim suit so that my fat won’t flop about.  130 more words


Water, Giver of Life

I’m ridiculously picky about the water I drink.

Probably because I drink a lot of it. In fact, other than one cup of coffee in the morning and boozy drinks at night, it’s my ONLY beverage. 468 more words


Arrival, Plans, and Initial Impressions

Friday, 6 January 2012

Arrived in Geneva just before 7:00 am yesterday, after a seven-hour flight (an hour short of what it was supposed to). I don’t get plane-sick apparently, but the flight was still annoying. 556 more words