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Sean Pertwee

Currently playing the role of Alfred to a young Bruce Wayne, parenting the future Batman. Parent me please! John Jernigan-Pertwee


I Love You Man (Drunk)

My husband and I went out last night for a show- Dwight Yoakam, if you care (and even if you don’t). Weeknight shows are a little rough- after working all day, and knowing you have to be up in the morning- but we still got our drink on and had a blast. 935 more words


Roughbite Children's Comic Strip created by Jamaal R. James

In this posting our friend takes a moment of silence to remember his Great friend who is no longer here. Take the time to enjoy friends and family while there here. 15 more words

James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company

Pete Nelson, Treehouse Master

My future husband builds awesome treehouses John Jernigan-Nelson


These Paul Rudd Movie Outtakes Will Give You A New Appreciation For His Ability To Improv Genitalia Jokes

Paul Rudd often plays the straight man, but that doesn’t stop him from perennially spitting out some of the funniest one-liners and ad-libs. And his outtakes are the best evidence. 394 more words

Web Culture

Top 5 movies coming out this January

#5 – Selma
Starring: David Oyelowo, Cedric the Entertainer, Carmen Ejogo
Out: 1/9

This movie is already get Oscar buzz and for a good reason. 338 more words