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I Can't Say This In Enough Ways

Thank you. I love you. I truly appreciate you being here.

And also, this.

(She’s not selling him, he’s like her biological kid, but somehow it never gets old.)


Take me in

How she got me to that point

Where I dread being pushed away

And waking up to the utmost shock

That my genuine bid

Couldn’t make it… 313 more words


I Love You- Sarah McLachlan

“Let me surround you; my sea to your shore.” –I Love You, Sarah McLachlan



Dear Dictator,

Happy New Year

With Love,


How do you know you are in LOVE ?

If your in LOVE , at least some of these will be experienced .
When you visit random places and secretly wish for them to bump into you

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Life Style

I Love You Not

I love you not because

they say we looked good together.

I love you not because

Batman is your favorite superhero.

I love you not because… 207 more words


God Knows We're Worth It

My boyfriend & I have been together for more than a year, and within our relationship, we’ve already faced a lot. I thought everything will come easy at first, but as time goes by I realized it was NOT. 726 more words

Late Night Thoughts