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Wish I could go back

My Love,

I wish I could go back to the time before you met your first love, so that I could change her name to mine; back to the time when you felt sad for the first time so I could comfort you; back to your elementary days where you probably were the most handsome young boy I could lay an eye on; back to the days prior to the day you had your first kiss so that I could make sure it’s me you were kissing; back to your first bruise, not to keep you from being wounded, but to make sure I was there to mend it. 286 more words

I Love You


Ideally I would be able to discuss my love-hate relationship with the rain without making myself cringe, but I’ve tried enough times to deem that impossible. 227 more words

I Love You

How do you heal a heart you didn't break?

I can see your inner struggle. Your heart desires to love and be loved, yet your mind says the last time you tried to love, you were hurt, betrayed, misled, and misunderstood. 479 more words

I Love You

To Be in Love... Part II

Have you ever looked at someone and saw your future standing in front of you? Have you ever felt their lips on yours and looked into their eyes and realize that this is who you’re meant to be with? 357 more words

The Beginning Of Something

Random rant

Since I woke up this morning, all I’ve been thinking about was pizza. I didn’t eat nothing all day because I didn’t feel like getting up to order it (I know…….LAZY! 23 more words

I Love You

every single one of you.

how the hell do i begin to explain the sound of shimmering happiness that

one laugh,

one smile,

one gentle pair of eyes,

can evoke? 126 more words