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I Hate Long Distance Relationship. But I Love You

I never learned how to love in small doses. I will give you my heart, my whole heart. 320 more words


I Turned My Back

Why did I walk away from You
When You’re all I could need?
Why did I let my love for You
Sink beneath my greed? 42 more words



If I were to write a novel about my life, I don’t know if it would be a very interesting read. I do however know for certain that my story could be split into two distinct sections: 106 more words


How Ho'oponopono Saved My Soul & My Life!

About four years ago, I went through what I would call ‘the heartbreak of my life.’ It was a short lived relationship, but damn, it woke me up to start my healing process in such an extreme way.  428 more words

If my Hands were Feathers

if my hands were feathers
I wouldn’t care about the weather
I flew highly into the sky
to sail in the winds of love
to come to you… 44 more words