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I'm Happy To Have Found You (Good Morning Text Messages)

“When the palm two hands hold each other that feels different than when yours are in mine”
Needless to say I prefer the latter
I prefer the touch of your hands, the taste of your lips, the warmth of your body next to mine… 74 more words


The three sweetest words

The sun shone down on us in one of those perfect spring days that makes you wish you could stop time. Peeper had insisted on wearing her sunglasses “like mama,” so she was looking especially cool as she flew back in forth in the swing and stomped over a bridge. 233 more words

in the way I love you

People are confused about love

They think it must come with trappings, with decoration

They think it is bound to kisses and physical embrace

They are wrong… 44 more words



You don’t need a perfect look,
You don’t need a perfect skin,
You don’t need a perfect hair,
You don’t need a perfect smile,
You don’t need to be perfect, 43 more words


Not enough to be a nightmare

I told you I would call, regardless of the hour

Should you leave by darkest gate

Within my dreaming sour;

And yet as others passed by, doomed… 26 more words


I love that, I love you.

I love that you make me smile,
I love that you cause me to laugh in that not cute way,
I love that we have so much in common but are so utterly different. 165 more words