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The US Military Used A Barney Song To Torture Iraqi Prisoners

Barney the Purple Dinosaur… That’d be torture to me as well. And they used the song “I Love You” no less. 18 more words


VIRAL VIDEO: Little League Coach Tells Son on Mound "I Love You"

Having played little league baseball as a child, I know there are good coaches, bad coaches and dad coaches.

That latter was on full display at the Little League World Series on Monday when Bend, Ore., Manager Joel Jensen came to the mound to cheer up his son Isaiah, who was beginning to have a rough go against Italy in the fifth inning of their consolation game. 16 more words



Laughter at midnight –

         strained I love yous.

     I know you do.

           I know you do.

                  I know you do.

I know I'm who I am today because I knew you...

I’ve realized today that I wouldn’t be who I am today without the help of people in my life…

People change people

People bring out the best and sometimes the worst in each other… 580 more words


mammy your birthdays don’t get easier.

thank god for all the memories we shared.

i even went to mass- and you know how much that means for me…but i prayed today. 16 more words


I love you

When I saw you the first time,

I knew that you weren’t mine

Still while sitting in the class I would adore you sometime,

And think of dreams in which you would be mine… 128 more words

The Diary Of Love

Ren, kau datang lagi

Tadi dini hari, kau datang lagi Ren, menyapaku, dengan senyum khasmu itu. Rasanya, kalau sudah begitu, aku pengen segera bersamamu, menuju surgaNya. Haha, betapa naif-nya diriku ya. 98 more words

A Hope