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From different perspectives: You said "I love you," she said "thank you"

So, you’ve been dating this girl for quite some time, and you’ve known each other well more than anyone else. But just as you thought that everything is falling into the right place, she suddenly shrugs you off and gives you that polite but frigid response after you courageously utter your true feelings for her. 1,246 more words


Stream plans!

Hi guys!

So lately I’ve been a lot more consistent with the stream, and there’s a couple things that has helped a lot with that; 823 more words


I love you, not..

I love you, not in the
enough-to-let-you-go sort of way,
but in the
sink-myself-into-your-skin kind of ache.
I love you, with the
do-anything-to-make-him-smile attitude,
and with the… 51 more words


Who Loves Yah, Baby!

Who’s in your corner?

When you think about where you are in life and you look around you and decide that the world is against you and that nothing is ever going to go right ever again then stop and think to yourself – why am I thinking this way? 180 more words


Ssshhh I love you

RM ~ Art Of Poses ~ that makes your image !

This lovely couple pose ”Ssshhh I love you ” i made, is such a beautiful pose for lovers and those who wanna be. 17 more words

Roy Mildor

To say 'I love you'

I wanted to write you
Tell you that I love you
Tell you I’ll always love you
And always have.
Even if it didn’t seem like it. 173 more words


Your Lullaby Love

Saudade? Nao. Triste? Nao.

Mi amore, te quiero tanto mucho.

Stefanovski. Lelatubyu. (it means – to slay a slaughter). Seemingly relevant.

Du bist meine Clyde zu meinem Bonnie. 16 more words