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Is It Enough?

“How many shattered glass do I need to go through with you, how much pain and agitation is it all worth it? Is it ever enough?” 268 more words


Text Message.

It’s 3am as I lie there, on my soft yet cold bed. The nocturnal birds chirp outside, the blind trees still dance on the rhythm of summer and the dog’s howl at the star-less sky. 524 more words


A little bit of inspiration from the early hours

I thought being woken today I’d give something new a try and this blog will be my first attempt at poetry since doing my GCSE’s two decades ago, no doubt it will break every rule about the creation of lines, verses and stanzas but frankly I’m impressed that the word stanza is still in my vocabulary all these years later. 619 more words


Ode to My Love

I love you when the sun rises and sets
I love you through wind, rain and sunshine
I love you over mountains and valleys
I love you through time and distance… 69 more words

Reading Festival 2015

I can’t begin to explain how amazing Reading was yesterday, but I’ll give it a shot.

The atmosphere there all day was amazing, and seeing your face light up when you saw Panic! 177 more words


'I'm Drunk, I Love You'

‘I’m Drunk, I Love You’
I see lights,
and smoke that dances through the night; I see fire, those eyes that stare me to death. 113 more words