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Never get carried away by the homage, praise, accolade that you receive when things are rosey…
Although words aren’t cheap (Prov. 18: 21), people use it without weighing the consequences. 337 more words

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I love to be conquered

Several days ago I’ve read a gorgeous poem wrote by the beautiful Chimp from thelonelyauthorblog.wordpress.com. Its title: “I love you”. You can read it… 145 more words

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I Utterly Love You

It is late right now, love, and I think that if I slept, I’d dream of you.
It’s not because you’re one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever beheld, 187 more words


I feel you beautiful,
I see you you
I notice me functionary,
I weep weep for me.
I see you you,
as me should be… 30 more words

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I used to think women in abusive relationships are stupid because the situation is slammed right in their faces and what do they do? They STAY. 507 more words


I Love You

I love you; 13 and clueless. what was wrong with me? what was wrong with you? what was wrong with us? razors. razors. razors. jealousy. I promised myself never again. 467 more words