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Not my normal bedtime, but here I am getting in bed at 8:20pm on a Monday night. Yes, I do have to get up at 5am, but will most likely be up at 3’ish, depending on if I sleep at all. 407 more words

You're going to love "I Love You" from the Marathi film Cheater!

These days, Marathi cinema is doing quite well in India. So much so, that even our top Bollywood playback singers are getting involved singing their film music. 50 more words

What's Happenin'

Dear Stanley

Dear Stanley,

I’ve lost count of the things I love about you. I love your smile, and your laugh, and the way your voice changes when you speak. 339 more words

Creative Writing

Be present ❤️

Hello my loves! I’m back!

Today I want to talk about the meaning of ‘presence’ first let me ask what is your definition of “being present”? 232 more words

Less is Amour

I’ve written about happiness, and about fear, so I thought it might be nice to continue to write about emotions. Apparently there are seven basic emotions that humans feel, only some of which correspond to Snow White’s Seven Dwarves, even though I thought that was the whole point – explaining to children that women need an entire house full of men to learn to control their emotions. 804 more words

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Even the word Beauty is small:)

Someone please Hold my beat coz today I will describe how beautiful my bae is.

She has a shapely figure, wasp-waisted, that cute pouting round face, syrup-sweet lips, that joyous personality and soothing voice together makes her. 109 more words