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A Perfect Shade...

A Perfect Shade…

A capture at Department of Electronics Science, SPPU.

Moderate sunlight obstructed by leaves, freshness of flowers and a great location is what creates this great color of shade to these flowers..I loved it .


The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

This is a ParsleyPick from Valadie

Author of book: Chris Colfer
Genre: General Fiction

Here is what happened in the book: Well this is a whole book series but the wishing spell is the first book. 124 more words

***** I Loved It!

The True BLue Scouts Of Sugar Man Swamp

Book Review By: stevie

Book By: Kathie Appelt
Book Length: 327

Story Summary: It´s about 2 twin racoons that protect the same swamp.The meet two very bad hogs that came for the sugar cane.Little do they know about the sugar cane raddlers.But in there friends safety the two racoon look for the sugar man deep in the dark forests. 32 more words


The Waterfire saga: Deep Blue

This is a ParsleyPick from Kate

Author of book: Jennifer Donnelly
Genre: Fantasy

Here is what happened in the book: One day Serafina (she is a mermaid) wakes up from a strange dream on the day she has her ceremony to determine if she is the real queen. 114 more words

***** I Loved It!


This post will look weird since I wrote it so long ago and then re-posted it a second time BUT – I recently watched this guy’s newest movie and I LOVED it so I thought I’d post a couple of my pieces on his first two movies while I try and find some time to write about the new one: HUSH. 801 more words

Four Top Hats

[Spoilers] The First Time I Wish There'd Been More Romance

I was given permission to use both fanworks contained in this post. Definitely check out their pages and ask permission before using their images. Links are in the picture captions… 1,180 more words


Risen by Stephanie Harbon

Risen by Stephanie Harbon.

5 stars! *****

I feel like i have been waiting a lifetime for this book. 

Ashes left us with such a cliffhanger i had actual nightmares about what would happen to Ruby. 368 more words