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Midnight for Charlie Bone

This is a ParsleyPick from Jake

Author of book: Jenny Nimmo
Genre: Fiction

Here is what happened in the book: Charlie has been missing his father for ten years. 97 more words

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1001 Bugs To Spot

Book Name : 1001 Bugs To Spot

Author: Emma Helbrough

Illustrator: Teri Gower

Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd

Theme/Topic: Spot variety of insects on each page…. 101 more words



Book Review by: Sarah Beth

Book by: Veronica Roth
Book Length: 487 pages pages

Story Summary: The main characters name is Beatrice Prior. She has a brother named Caleb and a mother and father. 188 more words

I Loved It!

Tigers Curse

Book Review by: Maggie

Book by: Colleen Houck
Book Length: 402 pages

Story Summary: Kelsey Hayes is just really, Normal. But the catch is her parents died in a huge car wreck when she was VERY, VERY, Young. 179 more words

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The Crossover

Book Review by: Jonas

Book by: Kwame Alexander
Book Length: 237 pages

Story Summary: The Crossover was about JB and Josh Bell, two twins that are both very good at basketball. 198 more words

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The kid Owner

Book Review by: Jeffery

Book by: Tim Green
Book Length: 325 pages

Story Summary: The main character is Ryan he did not know that his dad owned the Dallas cowboys.But his father dies unexpectedly, Ryan is given a rare and an amazing opportunity to be the owner of a NFL team.Not only is this a dream come true but it gives Ryan a chance to make it in middle school without being a total social misfit.It mat also help him rise up off the bench of his football team and break into starting lineup. 88 more words

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princess in waiting

Book Review by: shantasia

Book by: meg cabot
Book Length: 225 pages

Story Summary: Nor have her own subjects,for that matter. Mia royal introduction to Genovia has mixed results:while her fashion sense is widely applauded, her position on the installation of public parking meters is met with resistance. 129 more words

I Loved It!