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The other face of luxury in the Whitsunday Islands: Hayman Island’s Blue Pearl Bay part 2

Hayman Island, Australia

As promised, here is part 2 of Hayman Island series. In my first post, I raved about the butterfies and the waterfalls. 73 more words

On The Road

The act of dredging

Don’t you just hate it when time fades even your most vivid memories as the reality of life dawns on you, strengthening the already crippling grip on your freedom? 92 more words



What I wouldn’t give to live my dreams the way they appear in my mind. To feel the way I’ve always dreamt success, love and travel to feel. 71 more words


Wanderer down

I have not had an extremely happy time since I landed back in this dry and dusty land. Among the general malaise that overcomes you as a great escape comes to an end, I realised I had my credit card details stolen in Prague, I was feeling run down and hadn’t had a proper night’s sleep since 9 days ago. 255 more words


The pitfalls of resolution

There’s a downside to finally being ‘found’ that never crosses your mind during the pursuit of happiness.

That’s the realisation that if you have to suffer an alternate life a single moment longer, you feel like progress isn’t being made. 468 more words


Toast to the future

I’ve finally made my return to the land down under.

After seriously considering changing my flights, I reluctantly accepted my fate (and the fact I now have under $100 left in the whole world) and sulkily got on the plane. 482 more words