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I have hundred of things to accomplish and missing you shouldn’t be part of my things to do.
But I do…
I miss you.
I do miss you.


PS: Also, bad coffee. :(



What is it I want to say to her?

She’s been gone over a year now, and I still miss her every fucking day. The pain hasn’t gone away, but it has lessened some. 865 more words


I Miss You~by Jess Will

I Miss You

I’m drifting away
Deep into fantasy
Because I couldn’t bear the pain
In this land of misery

All alone with this coldness… 90 more words


Happy Chinese New Years

Hope you have a great Chinese New Years, it looks amazing there from the world wide snapchat stories… Guess you found a place to move to huh. 237 more words

Hong Kong


With you, spring bloomed in me.

I never had such a season in my life and you made me discover it.

Such a beautiful and ethereal time. 100 more words


Phantom Pains

My heart hurts. Not like the cliche heartbreak or some type of indigestion. It hurts. There’s a deep ache of a pain in my heart. It travels to my stomach and makes me weak in the spirit. 1,163 more words

Haven't heard from you

It’s been a month since I heard from you.

“Why are all your snapchats black?”

I guess that’s what I’ll know you by now.

The one that broke my heart & checks my snapchat.

Hong Kong