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I was the one who loved you even though you gave me a thousand reasons not to. I overlooked those reasons because I was selfish and scared. 607 more words

My Life

He Is My Summer

I will always think of you most when summer flies in,

Sweeping me along with it’s imminent breeze.

I used to love the thrill of cold ocean waves and sand burning my feet, 162 more words



Cobwebs have formed in between the spaces where our hands used to meet.


Living memories (poem)

A poem I wrote for my friend who died by suicide almost two years ago, after his girlfriend did the same.

Some days you still come back to me, 191 more words

To: The Person I've Loved and Lost

Hi, friends!

Today’s blog post is an open letter. I wanted to preface this with a little disclaimer.

I’ve posted and shared open letters with all of you before, but this one is much more personal than the others. 963 more words

Open Letters

2/23/17: Impending March

I’ve tried to make this month last, but it’s been slipping past me faster with each day going by. Even when I tried to hold on, because my mother used to warn me about wishing my life away, I couldn’t make myself hold tightly enough. 166 more words