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I Love You Not

I love you not because

they say we looked good together.

I love you not because

Batman is your favorite superhero.

I love you not because… 207 more words



When you left this mortal coil, you left something behind. Something not seen.

Something that is only felt.

When you left, to go home… you left something upon my soul, my heart. 89 more words

The Boy That Shaped Me

The men that came and went; that was nothing compared to you and me.

I don’t grab for their photos when I’m upset; I don’t even have their photos. 441 more words


I Miss You

I miss you.


Miss you.

I miss





I miss you so much.


Miss you so so so

So much. 10 more words

Would you...

Do I have your blessing? I said yes to him.

I took that leap.

I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I don’t know if this is the right choice. 53 more words

Good Night LXXV

You are the love of my life,

The life of my love.

Never even once I want to be without you

Without you I am a walking dead. 20 more words


Where are you ?

At the corner of the bridge, I wait for you.
Hands spread out along the railings, watching the sun set over the lake, I count down the minutes like you’re a bomb waiting to go off. 243 more words