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Perfect Match

We were the perfect match.

Unfortunately, matches are intended to burn.



How do you tell someone

I liked you better when we first met.

Your neck chained up in the costume jewelry of arrogance, I can remember clear collarbones of naivety, the future a bright jewel in your eyes. 104 more words

Miss You, Miss You

I’m choking on my own thoughts. Choking, more like drowning. For nine years I’ve allowed fear of slipping up control how I interact with my own child. 1,371 more words


Soothed by Clean Bandit and Julia Michaels' "I Miss You"

Alien and serene, “I Miss You” is hard to miss.

Indeed, the latest rising hit from Clean Bandit is its own adventure.

close to your lips again… 111 more words

Do you

Do you still think about me?

Do you think about our friendship?

Do you think about our first kiss?

Do you think about our late night talks just sitting around doing nothing at 2 am? 33 more words



I didn’t plan on falling in love after my last heartbreak. I planned on being alone, looking out for myself. I didn’t want to be let down again, have my heart broken again. 171 more words

this is a shitty poem i wrote last month. be gentle

As I walk to class, I look around. That is usually the time that I get sad. The people walking past me don’t know that I am sad though, They just probably think that I am just a tired college girl, which I am. 707 more words