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Every day, I miss you,
The feelings, like words
get stuck in my throat.
They choke me.
Every day.

I miss your showers

I miss you.

I miss the things I loved about you.

I miss the things that annoyed me about you.

I miss everything about you. 513 more words

I miss you

There’s a nagging feeling
That’s happening within
It happens on my dreams
Often when you’re not here

It pulls on my insides
Like feelings set aside… 39 more words

Personal Poems

My Unspoken Words

I sit in your preferred spot and dissolve in my own emptiness.

With every thought, I repeat those lines.

Editing and inking them deeper into my soul. 91 more words

27 Self-reminders At 27

The sun and the moon

I was your sun

And you were my moon

You held me so high

But you left too soon


Our head’s in the sky… 182 more words

I Miss You

I miss your strong arms. The vision of your skin against mine, like swirling sugar in hazelnut coffee. The way your touch lights me up, a hand in the dark, stirring an entire ocean to wake and sparkle bright blue in a bioluminescent bay. 109 more words