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To Those Who Are Gone

To those who are gone,

I don’t understand why you had to leave so early. I don’t understand how this was for the greater good. You meant something to me. 661 more words

Mother's Day Just Isn't The Same...

This is my second Mother’s Day without you….

We lost you two months before Mother’s Day last year. It’s a different feeling this year. It… 857 more words


An open letter to the boy who broke my heart,

I guess we’re friends now…Weird. To be entirely honest I never really thought that this day would come. Things ended rather poorly for us and I thought it was safe to say that we would never have a need to speak to one another, much less a desire to do so. 1,050 more words

Midnight Conversations

I shook my head and asked him, “Do you need to leave now?”

He raised his head and tapped his fingers on the table, “Leave? Where?”

73 more words


How are you my beloved?

I hope you’re doing fine

Happy and great that I’m out of your life

Well you know what?

I still miss you so bad… 59 more words


A Little Music

Music has this incredible power to build you up and reassure you. Today is a good, sunny day and even though my work is full of mundane reading of textbooks to familiarize myself with my new field, the music is good. 7 more words

I Miss You


It’s rainy and grey and I didn’t sleep well (not that I have been since I moved). Nights are lonely and I always feel cold before bed once the distractions of the day are gone. 179 more words