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Letter to Myself


You can’t love someone enough.

You can’t love someone into sobriety.

You can’t love someone out of their pain.

And you certainly can not love someone out of killing themselves. 86 more words


Rest In Peace, Spike.

Spike never liked the cold. He preferred to watch the day pass by through the window than go outside. I don’t blame him though. He had come from a few households before ours. 151 more words

Wherever You Are, I Hope You’re Not In Pain

I don’t know where you’ve gone, but I hope that you’re okay. I hope you’re not in pain. I hope that any bad feeling you were experiencing in the last moments you were here, I hope it all disappeared. 491 more words

I Wonder What Would Happen

I wonder what would happen

If I stopped giving you

The intimate parts of me?

Would you dissolve and

Disappear completely or

Would you wake up and see… 156 more words

Mind Dump

Dear Sam. (pt 3)

Dear Sam,
How are you?
It’s almost been a year since the day you left. It’s almost your birthday. 719 more words


In Memory

I miss you so much. Sometimes I still forget that you’re gone and I get ready to call you to tell you about all that’s going on and then I remember. 145 more words