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Tissue Paper Heart

I faked a smile

Just couldn’t let you see

That I was at a loss for words

I couldn’t quite believe

There was an emptiness in your eyes… 132 more words

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"You're the best friend that I've ever had..."

I guess people never truly realize how alone they really are…

People always tell you they have your back but do they really?

Do they really understand you well enough to know you front to back and back to front to… 77 more words

Always out of sight but always on my mind

I was supposed to have a dinner with F along with her friends tonight, yet where am I? Stuck inside my car. This is not how this night is supposed to be but somehow not meeting them feels so right. 180 more words

“Perhaps, I should’ve anticipated you ruining my life.”



I Miss You

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Writing Prompt #173 “Collage 28”

Together, they inhaled autumn:

Decomposing leaves,

Wet fox in undergrowth,

Brambles snagging sleeves,

Following fallen acorns until the sun broke through. 111 more words


Historic Cemetery

East Washington
West Franklin

I can still see time lapses on these streets of a boy and girl

Hand in hand

Going to and from… 150 more words

I Miss You.

I was never angry. I was however, still am, deeply disappointed. I can’t get over this, because I miss you, but I won’t admit that to your face. 349 more words

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