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My Grandfather

45 years ago, today, one his 26th birthday, my grandfather’s life changed. He had an accident while playing rugby (which he did professionally) and was left paralysed. 126 more words

I Miss You

“Where are you? and I’m so sorry, I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight”

I tried to find another song in my I’s that compared to this song, but I just couldn’t. 70 more words


It's Friday

This is what happened last time. I think.

We had problems, each of us.

We have problems now too. Each of us.

Scabies is a problem. 593 more words


Tidal Waves

on the way home from work today, I smelt you.

felt like a punch to my chest as I inhaled without a warning.

I didn’t know where it was coming from, it was so faint, but it was you. 97 more words


Dear Soulmate

Your absence is the loudest silence I’ve ever endured.

Personal Life

Bad Luck

It might be jinxed for me to say

that you and I are a Shakespeare play

with quests of loves that are… to… be?

And all that is only Act Three. 128 more words


Of Letting Go.

I’ve been kissing
different lips,
and tasting you on them.

I’ve been holding
new hands,
and missing yours in mine.

I’ve been dancing
against bodies of people… 64 more words