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Metaphors that made no sense at all 

I miss you a lot more than I should. I sat with my knees to my chest in the shower with my hands over my ears for five minutes, all I wanted to do was get you out of my head but even the overly hot water couldn’t wash away the pain you left me behind in. 186 more words

Miss Me?

I would wanna try not to text you or call you one day or two

Not because I hate you or I don’t love you no more… 17 more words


Good Morning XXVIII

If the early morning sky was a representation of every person I know

You are the sun and everyone else are the fading stars

Soon to disappear by your beautiful ray of sunrise. 10 more words


Good Night XXVIII

Hi sweetheart I want to wish you a very good night

May you sleep well

Sweet dream

I wish I could kiss you right now but may this text travel 10444 miles and still give you a little warmth feeling. 12 more words



I only miss you when I breathe

I only love you when my heart beats


Good Morning XXVII

Good Morning Sweetheart.

I’m kissing you good morning with this text. 💋💋💋

I hope you well rested and rejuvenated.

May today be better than yesterday. 6 more words


Good Night XXVII

I just want to say have a great nite Babe.

Sweet dream and may you rest well.

I would like nothing more than being with you right this moment. 22 more words