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Let It Go

How do you say goodbye to the love of your life? How do you willingly end whatever chance you have left at a future with them? 526 more words

Moving On

To my greatest adventure

I’ve heard it said that a part of us remains wherever we have been. I think that’s true. Every experience, every person, changes us in some way or another, for better or for worse, but always leading us down the path to whom we’re supposed to be. 294 more words

Moving On


To all my beautiful readers. I really am sorry if my blogs are all about how broken I am. Trust me, I wanted to write something good but I can’t. 105 more words



I can’t stop thinking about you..

I miss you..



//I miss you. Three words I didn’t realize hurt so very deeply until spoken into the world. Three words that’s not based on a duration of time or a situational difference. 272 more words


Can I have your name please?

My name is Steve

Are you still there?

Yes, St-…

Yes, I’m always here

I’m still waiting for the perfect day… 19 more words