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who cares?

the walls of Jericho were opened to me today. A place that once banned my existence allowed me to set foot in its premises.

This story is a continuation to the premier of Pastor Mickey Mouse and O lemina unfolding… 418 more words

So I Like to Move

Apparently I have this thing about moving. That thing is, I love to do it. I have no idea why I like to move around so much or why I hate staying in one place for so long but since I went to college I have moved every year. 920 more words

Words On Words On Words

Recap Day

I chose to photo-capture my Tuesday through Wednesday (24 hours) of this week.

It was noon when TriniCapini reminded us to do this, so I immediately shot this: … 587 more words

Book Sharing


There are plenty of things I hate more than Boston. Namely dogs. People in Boston love dogs. The third floor loves dogs so much they decided no one would mind if their tiny yipping model just, eh, pooped on the checkered tiles in the front entrance. 37 more words

I need a job

I’ll find you a job in the morning, he says,

No, that’s my job, I tell him,

No pun intended,

As I look at the ads I feel the… 185 more words



So here I am, five weeks from Christmas, five weeks from my last day of work and three weeks past my last testing date for what was supposed to be my job for the next eight months before I dreamt I would be returning to school to finish my degree in English and Philosophy. 399 more words

Free E-Book

I’ve just published a new e-book, What to do When Your Job Search Isn’t Working.  It’s a step by step guide that will help you jump start your job search by: 52 more words

I Need A Job!