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"Clicking 'add friend' is one thing ..."

I’ve just read an article in Wednesdays ‘i’ paper by Siobhan Smith entitled:

“Clicking ‘add friend’ is one thing, actually becoming new pals is quite another.” 473 more words

Here And Now

Albatrosses Running in Circles

Since albatrosses are in the same family as seagulls who stamp on the ground to imitate rain, which draws their favourite food, worms, to the surface, this article fits with their family behaviour. 323 more words

Vitamin D Supplements?

Here’s another item from the i paper – We are now being urged to take Vitamin D tablets:

Public Health England said Vitamin D was vital for bone and muscle health but that people were generally not getting enough in winter.

348 more words
Real Life

Natural Deterrent for Mosquitoes

This small article from yesterday’s i paper records a huge breakthrough ii the fight against malaria, one of the world’s great killers and compromisers of human health but as it affects people in tropical countries, they often lack the means to pay for pharmaceuticals which are in any case becoming ineffective. 148 more words


Bowies Eyes

One of the most famous aspects of one of the world’s most famous men, was that David Bowie had different coloured eyes, a peculiarity that set well with his unique life, that marked him physically different to the rest of us mere mortals. 394 more words


No Brexit Negotiators

Yet another story that reminds us how inept our politicians are in planning the exit of the UK from the EU. This is from the i paper: 189 more words

Sport and Morality

I don’t often read about sport, so the topic seldom features here, but the world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has been causing a lot of concern with his racist and homophobic opinions. 498 more words