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Cancer Overtakes Marriage in UK

Here’s some scary statistics from yesterday’s i paper:

Developing cancer is now more common than getting married or having a first baby… Analysis by Macmillan Cancer Support shows there were 361,216 cancers diagnosed in 2014 in the UK compared with 289,841 marriages.

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There's a Welsh welcome in the Patagonian valleys

This story first appeared in the i Newspaper 14/07/2017.


Writing and the Brain

Here’s an article from Thursday’s i paper by Tom Bawden

Learning to read profoundly transforms the brain, according to research which sheds new light on disorders such as dyslexia.

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The promise of peace has yet to reach Medellín

From Medellín, Colombia. Appeared in the i Newspaper June 2016.


Army kicks out Venezuelan troops over 'porous' border

This first appeared in the i Newspaper, 25/03/2017.

A hilarious story and finally an opportunity to write about Venezuela.


Medical cannabis - Colombia's next biggest export?

This first appeared in print in the i Newspaper, 13/02/2017.

We originally went with ‘Colombia blazes a new trail in medical cannabis’, but it didn’t fit on the page. 7 more words