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Deafness in Farmed Fish

This is from Friday’s i paper:

Salmon that grow up on a farm are much harder of hearing than those reared in the wild, with half of them suffering a considerable degree of dearness, research suggests.

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Glastonbury’s Heavy Metal: Reusable Cups

Some of the most wasteful items in modern life are disposable glasses/cups so it is not before time that some radical solution be found. No surprise that it has come from the Glastonbury festival organisers, and has the added bonus of saving jobs in the British steel industry which is struggling against cheap imports. 168 more words


International Travel Advice

Last week, the US Department of State posted a well-meaning warning about overseas travel, but they are not alone, as this article from last weeks i paper explains: 488 more words


Snoop Dogg and Spelling

A small item from Saturday’s i newspaper:

“Bogata, a village in northern rRomania is revelling in the virtual attention caused by a spelling mistake by Snoop Dogg. 39 more words


A Texan School Teacher

This comes from last week’s i paper. Scary.

A Texan who called Barack Obama a gay prostitute and claimed Muslims were influencing the American curriculum may soon control what goes in children’s textbooks.

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Texters Headbanging Art

This is from last week’s i paper

A huge statue of two clasping hands has been moved due to health and safety reasons after people kept walking into it because they were looking at their mobile phones. 212 more words

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Useful Badgers

These shy critters get a lot of flack for allegedly spreading TB, but yesterday’s i reported one becoming an accidental archaeologist:

A badger has inadvertently uncovered a Bronze Age cremation site near Stonehenge… led  experts to items dating from around 2,200 to 2,000 BC  after digging into an ancient burial mound on land belonging to the MoD … about 5 miles north of Stonehenge.

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