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Useful Badgers

These shy critters get a lot of flack for allegedly spreading TB, but yesterday’s i reported one becoming an accidental archaeologist:

A badger has inadvertently uncovered a Bronze Age cremation site near Stonehenge… led  experts to items dating from around 2,200 to 2,000 BC  after digging into an ancient burial mound on land belonging to the MoD … about 5 miles north of Stonehenge.

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Clever Cold Call

This is from the letters page in the i last week, from Rosemary Shippard of Stafford:

My husband had a cold call, telling him that his computer had problems but that the caller could solve them. 58 more words

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Yesterday's 'I' on Public Trust and Media Bias

The I newspaper yesterday had an article reporting the changes in public trust of the media. It seems that the rich and elite now had more trust in newspapers and television and reporting, while the poor and everyone else had much less. 213 more words


A victory for Pastafarians

This was in yesterday’s i newspaper, and shows Britain does not hold a world monopoly on quirkiness:

“A US woman has won the right to wear a colander on her driver’s licence photo, in accordance with her beliefs as a Pastafarian. 34 more words


Are You Local?

This is something that is becoming something of an issue as more of us live away from our places of birth. When I first came to the UK I met a woman in a small village in Kent who had never been to London – too dangerous, and only a few trips to Tunbridge Wells less than 10 miles away because she didn’t need to. 357 more words

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Child Soldiers

I sometimes wonder if archaeologists will ever run out of work in Britain. It seems incredible there are still significant discoveries being made, but then, there is a lot of history here. 217 more words

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A Lone Texan in Stalag Luft III

Last week died Flight Lieutenant Paul Royle, the last but one surviving escapees of the prison made famous by the film The great Escape. 

According to his son, he hated the film, as he claimed there were no Americans there. 107 more words

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