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Storm in a Paintpot?

This is from the i paper of 29 December:

The battle between artists Sir Anish Kapoor and Stuart Semple has stepped up a gear after Kapoor announced he had got his hands on a pink paint devised by his rival.

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Keith the Snake’s Road Trip

This is from the i from way back in November:

A pet snake that went missing 5 months ago has been reunited with his schoolboy owner in Sheffield after slithering out of a couple’s new car.

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Killer Whales Kill Rare Whales

This is from the i paper, showing Orcas deserve their reputation as killers and the threats to endangered species are not entirely from humans:

For the first time, killer whales have been spotted killing and eating a rare species of whale.

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Korean Exam Day

Here’s a piece for families dealing with teens hoping to get into a good university. In Korea they take the big exams very seriously. This is from yesterday’s i paper: 362 more words

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Leprosy in Red Squirrels

Here’s an odd story from last week’s i paper:

“Red squirrels in the UK and Ireland carry strains of leprosy similar to those that have afflicted disability and disfigurement on humans for centuries, a study has shown. 117 more words

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Dinosaur Brain Found

This is from last Thursday’s i paper. It’s incredible. 

A “Brown pebble” spotted by a fossil hunter in Sussex has been confirmed at the first known example of petrified dinosaur brain.

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"Clicking 'add friend' is one thing ..."

I’ve just read an article in Wednesdays ‘i’ paper by Siobhan Smith entitled:

“Clicking ‘add friend’ is one thing, actually becoming new pals is quite another.” 473 more words

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