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The Perfect Guy - Trailer 2

I don’t tend to catch thrillers in theaters (if it isn’t horror, science fiction or Marvel Studios I don’t tend to be too interested, truth be told) though when I saw the trailer for… 114 more words


Words with Musician Lydia René 

Interview by K. Cecchini @tonightatdawn

I happened upon singer and pianist Lydia René during my first visit at a more unusual venue. Hosted by Ghana Hylton, the Adinkra House in Montclair, NJ is an invite-only, intimate performance space nestled in Hylton’s home. 979 more words


On Hocus Pocus

This cult classic wasn’t always such a hit, such as this New York Times review states:

Apparently too much eye of newt got into the formula for “Hocus Pocus,” transforming a potentially wicked Bette Midler vehicle into an unholy mess.

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Ruca "I put a spell on you" Cover

Here’s a little duo from Ruca. An intro song before we played with our funk band Shifter.


I Put A Spell On You

I tend to have dreams that are of the bat-sh*t crazy variety. Show of hands of any people who are surprised by that? Nobody? Bueller? 599 more words