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What kind of mother are you?!

I worry that my kids are going to get scurvy, not a realistic fear in the twenty-first century but a fear I still have.  Maybe it’s because I can’t deal with the real dangers of life.  548 more words


Adele, the “lady” who asked the question, is the nineteen-year-old partner of an ex-jailbird named Early, played by Brad Pitt, in one of his … early movies, back in 1993, “Kalifornia”. 446 more words

Put Happiness First

Put Happiness First

Contrary to popular paradigms that say happiness comes from success, it’s actually the other way round.

When we intentionally focus on the cultivation of our happiness and positivity, we are more creative, energized, and intelligent. 200 more words


Psychiatric Testing

Psychiatric Testing: You can fool some of the people some of the time.

Two psychiatrists are walking down the street in opposite directions. As they pass each other, one psychiatrist says to the other: “You’re fine. 579 more words


It's all about Peter

I see him from across the room, he is wearing a three piece suit. A three piece suit?  The material is gray and dull and I an unable to determine from what the suit is made.  937 more words

Oh Donovan, say it ain't so.

I have meet the man I am going to marry.  O.K. well I haven’t actually met him yet but I am going to marry him nonetheless.  1,424 more words

Bitter is as bitter does

My sister in law called me bitter.  To be more precise, she called this blog right here bitter.  I have been called so many adjectives since I started writing this blog.  691 more words