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It's all about Peter

I see him from across the room, he is wearing a three piece suit. A three piece suit?  The material is gray and dull and I an unable to determine from what the suit is made.  937 more words

Oh Donovan, say it ain't so.

I have meet the man I am going to marry.  O.K. well I haven’t actually met him yet but I am going to marry him nonetheless.  1,424 more words

Watch I.Q. (1994) Movie

Watch I.Q. (1994) Movie
Run time: 100 min
Rating: 6.2
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: Fred Schepisi
Writers: Andy Breckman, Andy Breckman
Stars: Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan, Walter Matthau… 26 more words

Bitter is as bitter does

My sister in law called me bitter.  To be more precise, she called this blog right here bitter.  I have been called so many adjectives since I started writing this blog.  691 more words

Solve These Interesting Puzzles

Here are some riddles with answers;

1- Something that walks without legs and enters nothing but ears???

( The7 Sound)

2- Three crossed the bridge,, the first one saw the bridge and walked on it,, the second saw it but didn’t walk on it,, The third didn’t see the bridge nor walk on,,, Who are they???? 350 more words


Intelligence, Religion, Arrogance, and Faith

I was at a party once when a guy sitting next to me started talking about how he had become a creationist. He wasn’t saying anything I hadn’t heard before until he leaned over and whispered, “I don’t mean to brag, but my I.Q. 432 more words


New Musik : I.Q - Concorsion

How did you enjoy the christmas? Well I bring to you I.q concorsion, for sure you’ll enjoy it , its cool enough to end up your day with…Bless! 9 more words