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Book Shame

The other day I got to thinking about books (well, that’s a lie, I always think about books).

Rickard asked me what I was reading and I told him the title ( 261 more words


Your showtune for June 6 is

“I Read” – Passion

Music and Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

Premiering on this day in 1983, TV series Reading Rainbow inspired children by teaching them the value of books.  59 more words


Thanh xuân — Gió ngừng trôi

Đời người, thanh xuân chỉ có một lần, và duy nhất, mặc níu kéo, mặc chà đạp, mặc vùng vẫy, cứ vậy mà trôi qua, có thể trong thầm lặng, có thể trong ồn ào.

40 more words
I Read


因为朋友家里闹“文革”, 我有幸接手了几本蔡康永的著作。非常欣赏蔡康永的幽默和文笔,这两样加在一起足以让我一口气看完以下这三本 :)

I Read...

Book pile

I’m working on my book challenge and with more than 50 % of the year left I have read 70 % of the books I “have” to read. 178 more words


The Death of the Heart by Elizabeth Bowen

Bowen writes of orphaned Portia who goes to live in London with her stepbrother and his wife. Both are wealthy and emotionally unavailable. Portia sets her sights on Eddie, a rough-around-the-edges player who manages to dazzle her because of her youth. 45 more words


4th One:


I came across so many people mentioning that they are Bibliophile (Pr: Bee- Bli – O- file. Defintn: A person who has a great love for books. 593 more words