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Wind / Pinball by Haruki Murakami

These two short novellas are the first works published by Murakami. They tell about a young guy and his friend, Rat, and touch on a lot of themes – friendship, loneliness, inertia, vocation, and love. 44 more words


The Back of the Turtle by Thomas King

This novel switches between characters but is predominantly about Gabriel, a scientist who has disappeared from his post at chemical co. Domidion, and the CEO, Dorian. 84 more words


Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar

The 4 Archetypes:

  • Rat Race –  Suffers now for future benefit
  • Hedonism – Enjoys now and suffer in the future
  • Nihilism – Suffers now and think that the future is meaningless as well.
  • 743 more words
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No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy

I wanted to read more McCarthy after loving The Road. I couldn’t get into Blood Meridian, but I instantly got into this book. It tells the story of Moss who takes cash which he finds in the desert at the scene of a drug deal gone very wrong. 57 more words


Currently Reading: Single, Carefree, Mellow

“Heiny’s work does something magical: elevates the mundane so that it has the stakes of a mystery novel, gives women’s interior lives the gravity they so richly deserve–and makes you laugh along the way.” 121 more words


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Chị em thù hận (Heiress) - Janet Daily

Dạo này hết truyện Tàu hấp dẫn, tôi lại lượn một vòng qua truyện Tây, cuối cùng là dừng lại ở cuốn tiểu thuyết tình cảm đầu tiên (kể cả Tây lẫn Tàu) mà tôi đọc. 3,628 more words

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