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A Game of Thrones...Yes, YEs, YES!!!!

In 2015, I finally bit the bug and decided to binge watch a marathon of all the seasons before season 5, I think, was to start.   511 more words


Peony in Love by Lisa See

This novel tells of Peony who succumbs to lovesickness in the exact same way a character from a famous opera does. We then experience Peony’s afterlife. 87 more words


Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan

“Manhattan Beach” tells Anna’s tale, from when she’s constantly by her father’s side as a 12-year-old during the Depression to during WWII, when she works at NYC’s naval yard as the provider for her family, since her father had by then deserted them. 96 more words


挪威的森林 - 村上春树

看完猎场后,决定重读村上春树的挪威的森林 :)

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PR - Khoảng trống - Gió ngừng trôi

Thêm một tuổi, đã “lớn” thật rồi, nhưng nghĩ lại bản thân lại thật sự chưa đủ “lớn”. Đêm Valentine năm nay, tỉnh dậy sau lần thứ hai bị ngất, thấy bản thân lần này tệ hơn là không ý thức được bản thân ngất từ lúc nào và bao lâu.

16 more words
I Read

The Tsar of Love and Techno by Anthony Marra

These interwoven stories tell of war, communism, art, family, love, and life’s grit and redemption. It’s hard to say if I loved these stories more than his novel – “ 38 more words


The Last Days by Laurent Seksik

This novel spins fact and fiction to recount the last days of author Stefan Zweig and his wife Lotte before they commit suicide while in exile from the Nazis. 50 more words