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A Feast of Gratitude

I don’t recall traveling to my grandparents for Thanksgiving. Or roasting a turkey until I was married and already moved out. We must have, I suppose. 1,008 more words


I Remember

She laid in the branch of a tall tree, soaking up the small amount of sunlight that had managed to penetrate the thick canopy of foliage above the remote forest. 3,120 more words


First date anniversary

Wow, if anyone would have told me as a teenager that someday I would be able to say I have spent more years married than not, I would have laughed. 766 more words

Life In The Dakotas

I remember...

I remember, when I first met you.
I still remember being so nervous.

I remember, the first time you kissed me.
I can still remember the cologne you were wearing. 73 more words

Life Blog

.the secret to life.

everything you do has to be in favor to someone else. it’s a simple formula that has stumped man for centuries. the question has been asked since the beginning of time, “ 794 more words


I Remember

I remember when we saw that picture and you said
“That’ll be us someday.”
I remember our first “I love you”
and stolen kisses made the room sway. 174 more words