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I Remember - #775

I remember telling Gerard, my future brother-in-law, that I was going to ask his sister to marry me.  It was late December in 2013, we were sitting on a balcony at King’s Beach, drinking beer and playing… 12 more words

I Remember - #774

I remember a time when I deeply loved – and deeply felt – the music of The Smiths, particularly Please, please, please let me get what I want… 11 more words

I Remember - #773

I remember a rash of financing when we first moved into the home we bought – a computer, a lounge, a coffee table, and also a balance transfer on my credit card to get all the different monies together and in order.  21 more words

I Remember - #772

I remember ordering – by happy accident – seared chicken breast skewers from a tiny restaurant buried away at the back of the Nishiki markets in Kyoto.  50 more words

I Remember - #771

I remember clearing out Laurie’s office after he had passed away, and being so agitated by the thought of the upcoming task that, in the morning I forgot my access card and couldn’t get into the office.  87 more words

I Remember - #770

I remember Matthewmatosis, Noah Antwiler, SeeKayEm99, Noah Caldwell-Gervais, LHudson, SolePorpoise, ProJared, Mark Wiens, Lorerunner, Noclip, Mikey Chen, hbomberguy.

-30 October 2016

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I Remember - #769

I remember our first foolish night in Tokyo, when we sat down in an obvious tourist trap in Shibuya and drank over-priced wine.  All around us at the different tables – Australians, British people, Irish couples.  22 more words