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I Remember: The day she taught me about healthy breakups

Ivette almost never cried.

She had a policy of not crying in general, but specially for boys, while we were all crying our eyes out during those first college years when we knew nothing about how to manage heart breaks, she was blowing it all off with a clear “fuck it”. 462 more words


I Remember - #514

I remember Stephanie’s funeral and Neutral Milk Hotel’s song, “I love how you love me“, which quite rightly played to the heartbreak of many, including me. 11 more words


I Remember - #513

I remember the excitement and fondness I felt for letters with diacritics.  The more the better.  Oh, Spanish!  Oh, French!  Oh, Polish!  Oh, Vietnamese!  It quickened my heart. 11 more words


I Remember - #512

I remember the music from Firelink Shrine.

-15 February 2016

This post is part of the I Remember series.


I Remember - #511

I remember Anna’s father standing on a ladder, his head disappeared into our asbestos roof as he gauged the dimensions of the ceiling and the trusses.   23 more words


a walk to summer

Hôm nay bò trên đường phố Hà Nội với một tốc độ không thể nào chậm hơn, một phần vì phanh hỏng, một phần vì tay đang đau, và một tỉ phần nữa là không muốn đi nhanh. 562 more words


I Remember - #510

I remember deciding, three years ago, to propose to my (then) girlfriend.  In my absent-mindedness, or my lack of commercial awareness, that the day I had chosen was the day after Valentine’s Day. 11 more words