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Heading “Home” for a Performance at WAMBO in Wallaceburg, ON on Saturday, August 8th

In 2007, I recorded and released my first CD, a little three-song effort titled “I Remember.” The songs were all done in honour of the place where my parents grew up, a town called Wallaceburg, Ontario. 897 more words

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Hunkering down & some memories

This past week we have had to pull things inside or at least under cover a few time because of threatening weather. Monday night after we had things like solar lights and flower pots under cover, I went outside to pick a few odds and ends from the garden. 515 more words

Life In The Dakotas

Tasty Tuesday. Peanuts

My Dad used to eat peanuts all the time. He’d get this big bag of peanuts still in their shells. He’d crack them open and go through that bag in one or two days. 101 more words

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This morning, I attended a funeral in town. The woman who passed away was not born here, but had met a man from here, married him, raised her family here then moved away to live her final years with her daughters. 540 more words

I Remember ...

It is now 6 years since we did the first

It is now 6 years since we did the first Trans-Atlantic Teleaudiology test from the Audiology Now conference in Dallas to the Witkoppen Clinic in South Africa. 102 more words

I Remember

Why It Works: Reading Aloud From a Textbook with Weak Illustrations by Aurora Stewart de Peña

Have you read I Remember by Joe Brainard? It’s a bit of a cult classic now and consists almost entirely of declarative sentences beginning with the phrase, “I remember.” It inspired a popular writing exercise, where you begin with those same two words and freewrite your way back into experiences, sounds, textures, and feelings you thought you had forgotten. 473 more words


I Remember

I remember Berkeley, the home of the strong. Where fitting in means being different and saying that you’re tough is a sign of weakness.

I remember the people. 538 more words