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Ivan Koloff: From Wrestler to Witness-From Title to Testimony

Hi Friends:

Today, I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Ivan Koloff.

Yet, there is an unexplainable joy I am feeling as I write this. 504 more words


Writing Prompt: I Remember

The “I Remember” exercise is based on Joe Brainard’s book of the same title. Here are some lines from his book I Remember: 356 more words

Writing Prompts

I Remember - #619

I remember tapping away on my Google Chromebook late on afternoon in Mexico City on Calle Simon de Bolívar, while outside the organilleros cranked their harmonipan’s, balancing the weighty instrument as they held out their caps, ignored by all. 11 more words


I Remember - #618

I remember entering the French embassy (or part of it) in New York City in order to visit the bookstore, Albertine.  In true Anna fashion, my wife went around the side past the entrance, not realising there was a metal detector and two armed guards keeping watch.   46 more words


I Remember - #617

I remember Sensini and the protagonist from Bolaño’s short story, the first in the collection, Last Evenings on Earth.  It shattered me when I first read it, and even now the story gives me shivers. 11 more words


I Remember - #616

I remember waking up very early when I was 9 or 10 and creeping into the chicken coop in our backyard to collect the warm brown eggs from underneath the quietly cooing chickens as they sleepily shifted over my hands. 11 more words