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Flashback Friday

So it’s been one of those weeks were every Tom, Dick and Harry want a piece of me and I just so exhausted I can’t say no. 390 more words

Food For Thought.

I Remember - #637

I remember my father outlining his diet after mum died.  From memory: 3-5 cans of coke each day, a bacon and egg roll for lunch, black coffee for breakfast, and some form of steamed vegetables and meat for dinner.   32 more words

I Remember - #636

I remember my father, Ralph and I going to my father’s neighbour’s house to feed the cat while they (the neighbours) were away.  And then Ralph and my dad showed me the neighbour’s motorcycle, which was, according to them, a vehicle of some beauty, majesty and power.   45 more words

I Remember - #635

I remember my siblings wearing plastic pants over their nappies, which we called pilchers.  Nobody I know now calls them that, so where did the word come from?   31 more words

I Remember - #634

I remember Ashley, who told me repeatedly that she did not dance, drunkenly singing along to Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys songs and, surprise, nailing the choreography.   16 more words

Blood Youth Release New Song, ‘I Remember’

Blood Youth have released a new song, ‘I Remember’. The song is taken from the band’s forthcoming album, ‘Beyond Repair’.

Listen to ‘I Remember’ in the video below. 49 more words


I Remember - #633

I remember smashing an old couch with my brother as a way for him to deal with his grief.  I think it was about a week afterwards, when he still lived at their apartment. 11 more words