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What Makes a Runner?

I mentioned previously that no one in my family runs. This is not strictly true. A better statement would be that no one in my family particularly… 742 more words


I Run but I'm Not a Runner.

It happened about a year ago.

I caught it. The bug. The itch. The infection, if you will. I wanted to start running. I can’t explain where this desire came from. 232 more words


Marathon Training - Week 1 & Half of Week 2

The training plan for my first marathon started just a mere 9 days ago and I’m already loving everything about it. Granted, I’m just starting to rebuild a solid conditioning base but I’m really enjoying all the training runs thus far. 377 more words

I Run

I run.. for me.. for my health.. I run to live.. I run..

It doesn’t matter how I got here, doesn’t matter why I’m here, what’s matters is I’m here NOW and I’m going to stay here for as long as I can. 87 more words


TCS 10K Challenge -2015 - 1st 10K

After attempting my first 5K Run in Contours Run for Women conducted in March, I ran a few other 5 K runs like Rang Race, Run for Humanity are few to name. 561 more words


Contours Womens Day Run - First 5 K Run

It was my First attempt to run for a Cause or in a event after a decade. I used to run for causes when I was in School, our Table tennis Couch used to get us enrolled and ask us to run for such causes basically to keep us physically fit and back then we used to crib and curse her for making us run for such long distances. 334 more words