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Do you see me? (My Daily Intention)

Recently I read that Maya Angelou suggested there are four questions that every human being unconsciously asks other human beings all the time.  

Workmates, playmates, lovers, friends, bosses. 436 more words

Essential Journey

Reason #56

Because I don’t love you for the things you did, not entirely, I love you for who you are.  Under the surface of everything that is good, bad, ugly and in between, I see you and you are beautiful to me, your heart, your mind, your soul, your entire being; and that, my darling, is what you don’t understand.  8 more words


Album of the Week - I See You - The xx

Going in: Okay. What is this generic hipster music they play to fill the air and the void in our consumerist hearts at Urban Outfitters? 250 more words

Good Indie Music

Private Eyes s2 ep 7

We start with Shade waking up in Mel’s bed, and not because he’s been sleeping there while his house is being renovated, or something; no, it’s because he and Mel are doing it. 555 more words


what I’m reading: i see you by clare mackintosh.

Every day Zoe Walker takes the same route to and from work, stands at the same place on the subway platform, and sits in the same seat. 229 more words

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I See You

Once I wrote a poem called I See You to remind myself the significance of those words … I See You

when I say that, this is what I mean… … 280 more words

A Nicky Hjort

There is no greater feeling to find out someone who you least expect “sees” your efforts and appreciates them!

Today, I hope someone “sees” you and acknowledges all the things you do to make things a little better for everyone else.

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