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1.10 I Spit on Your Grave

Jennifer’s creative kills accentuate her writing skills.

It should be mentioned that I Spit on Your Grave was first unveiled in 1978, and then remade in 2010. 367 more words


'I Spit on Your Grave' Remains an Infinitely Repulsive Motion Picture

I should have known better than to sit through this infamous motion picture. Years ago, when I received my first Roger Ebert Home Movie companion as a Christmas present, I read his review in which he described this particular movie as a “vile piece of garbage” and that attending it was one of the most depressing experiences of his life. 1,131 more words

Another I Spit On Your Grave sequel is ready

That’s one of the most controversial films ever made – it adds to the list that’s mostly about Cannibal Holocaust – and now there’s a sequel to it. 152 more words


I Spit on Your Grave (1973) - ⭐️⭐️1/2

Directed by: Meir Zarchi


I think I need to take a break from these types of films. Not because of the explicit content, on the contrary, I think Iv’e become desensitised, which is troubling as I then start to focus on the filmmaking, which is where the true horror lies. 528 more words


Demented (Blu-Ray)

She has lost everything.
Hope…control…and her mind.

After surviving a brutal and devastating assault, Linda Rodgers is institutionalized in order to deal with her intense trauma. 102 more words


Mother's Day (2010)

Three brothers are on the run from the law, after their latest bank raid has gone disastrously wrong. With one of them seriously injured, they head to the one place a good son would – back home to mama! 932 more words


I Spit On Your Grave

1959, France
Cast: Christian Marquand, Antonella Lualdi Antonella, Fernand Ledoux, Renate Ewert Renate Ewert, Marina Petrova, Daniel Cauchy, Catherine Fonteney, Claude Berri, Jean Droze, Gisèle Gallois, Monique Just, Jean Sorel, Marie-Blanche Vergnes, André Versini, Paul Guers. 2,572 more words

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