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ANCC: Things We Don't Like

Nick and the Gorehound take a step back and discuss some trends, genres, styles, etc that they are not particularly fond of and/or simply loath for various reasons.  50 more words


The Women

All of the women in rape-revenge films can be seen as deviant.

They aren’t following their proper roles that they were taught in life. We, as women, are taught to be passive, loving, mothering and to not take up space. 277 more words



One of the most interesting things when comparing rape-revenge films made in the twenty-first century and made before that is the representation of technological advancements. Technology is a huge theme that I see represented in many films, including  302 more words


Failure to Protect

If it’s not the country-city trope, it usually falls into this category. Instead of the attacker or ‘countryman’ having a lower status than the victim, the attacker is in a position of power that he can use to exploit the victim. 423 more words


Beautiful Girl vs. Redneck Boonies

One of the most common themes I have noticed while watching these films is the overwhelming commonality of the city-country binary.

City and country folks clearly can’t mix.

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I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

Controversial movie about a woman who gets revenge on four men who have raped her. 276 more words


Jane Got a Gun, But Not the Balls to Use It

If you’re going to make a revenge flick, don’t outsource the acts of vengeance. In particular, if you are scripting a rape-and-revenge movie, empower your heroine to do the heavy lifting and genital severing on her own. 442 more words