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Budapest in blue & gold

Evening walks along the Danube in Budapest had a luxurious feel… as the lights came on, elegant bridges & buildings began to sparkle like gold while the sky and the waters deepened to a brilliant shade of blue…

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I spy... 'Tis the season to be..hunting?

In New Scientist, 26 Nov. 2016

Joshua Sokol reports on the latest efforts to find planets that can support life, and that are similar to Earth’s life-sustaining conditions. 340 more words

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I spy... Black Soup and Pierogi

In The Economist, 26-2nd December, 2016

At a time when immigration is a world crisis, it is interesting to read a retroactive immigration account and analyse its stance. 586 more words

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I spy...Ku klugs klugen

In The Economist, 26th Nov – 2nd Dec, 2016. Read it here.

This is a very interesting example of intertextuality and linguistic landscape: in any interaction, readers and speakers bring in… 227 more words

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I spy... Pigasso

In Metro, 25 November

The Yay

Metro published this item about a rescued pig, Pigasso, who loves to paint. This is such a wonderful opportunity to expose the subject of factory farming and raise awareness of the terrible conditions in which these sweet, intelligent, sentient beings are imprisoned. 116 more words

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Filling the Hauntologist’s stocking

People often seem to reminisce on the endless summers of youth, or hark back to long cold winters of the past, but there’s little rumination on enduring autumns.  1,695 more words


I spy...A Turtle Disaster

In Metro, 25 Nov 2016

(A big thank you to Hariod for the delightful pun <3)

This is a short titbit in Metro (UK) from last Friday. 562 more words

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