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I’m unsure how I was able to put so much love into someone who really took it for granted. I now see that even people you love and admire can change their mind about you at any time; or even not think about you the way you thought they did  240 more words

This would have been our 8th month together

If we were still together. This would be the 8th monthsary message I would send you. 

Hi baebyyyyyy. I love you sososososososo much hahaha happy 8 months my sunshine gumdrop cutie baebyyyyy. 441 more words

Quiet nights are when I remember things like this.

I thought I had cleansed you from my mind but I remembered a few things about us. What caused this was when I heard the song “Goodbye” by Chris Cab. 871 more words

I wish

I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m fucking sorry. I wish I weren’t always jealous. I wish I weren’t too controlling. I wish I let you have your fun. 94 more words

The end of everything

You said you wanted to go and hangout with some of our friends (which are girls). I said I might not make it and I got mad because it would just be the two of you and I didn’t want that because I was selfish. 880 more words

The two months that felt normal

I’d like to skip April and May. Because not much happened. We loved each other is what’s important. We fought about little things and reconciled like twenty minutes after. 16 more words


You broke up with me on March. You saw something on my phone about a stupid joke that I said that I shouldn’t have. I was stupid, told you. 757 more words