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Nostalgia attempts to rip apart these brick walls I have laid in front of my heart
stacking layer upon layer to achieve a thicker skin… 95 more words

Heart & Soul

The Break Up Part 1 - God gives you a sad goodbye so you can appreciate a happy hello !!

Love is a mystery, it can take a second to love someone but it will take a lifetime to get over that second. The love itself never dies, the loss of love still remains, it just becomes bearable with time. 406 more words


I want to get more into girl groups/idols but I really don’t like slow pop songs. I like songs like 2ne1’s I Am The Best, Please Don’t Go & MTBD, EvoL’s Get Up, Let Me Explode & Magnet and f(x)’s Step & Electric Shock. 30 more words

One Step Closer- 21 Days!

It has been a while since I have written and many things have happened since. A part of me has awakened because of you, a part of me that I didn’t even know existed. 358 more words

Thoughts And Ramblings