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An open letter for you..

For 2 years I have been dating you. For 2 years I have always been there for you through all your anxieties and panic attacks. For 2 years I have been by your side through think and thin. 675 more words


Could it Be I'm Still Enamored?

Can’t stop thinking of that one person? Are you still in love or is it part of the process of getting over him or her? 112 more words


Dear Dad I STILL love you #2

Dear dad, I STILL love you.

Remember there was guy during my college times whom I loved so much? But we had to break up because we knew our family would not agree. 97 more words

Dear Dad I STILL love you 

Dear Dad,
I still love you.
You might be wondering “why there is a ‘still’ in my message, obviously you love me”. But dad let me point out some of the reasons why I have used that word. 109 more words


Do you ever feel lost, you constantly are going through life, feeling lost. You feel as you have no sense of purpose. Sadness has taken over me. 184 more words

I am my own worst thoughts

My own thoughts about why things between us can’t be fixed keep me up at night, I find myself looking at my phone every few seconds hoping that maybe you’ll stop playing this game and choose to be with me once again. 65 more words

Lost Love...

Time is strange.

On one hand, it lasts forever.

And on the other, if you blink…its gone.

I miss the days not so long ago, when things were easy and conversation flowed. 87 more words