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quondam paramour

“I miss you, can I see you?”
These words echo as I sound asleep.
“I can never not love you”
6 words that still hurt so deep. 108 more words

To the girl he's into now

Please take care of him.

Yes. He broke my heart. Twisted. Crushed. Stepped on. It was a disaster all the way from the start until it slowly but drastically ended. 441 more words

To my first love

For the very first time I’d fallen for a guy, this is what “first love” was for me, the overrated, hyped up love about which it was written in the books, painted with blood in the walls of history, lives lost, souls dwelling on this planet in the search of their lost love, I’d heard about these in movies and read them in the books but never had I seen such true love in my life. 1,418 more words

Always Us

I still Love you ...~by Sandra Regina Viana

I still Love you …

I still Love you …
Away from it all,
Nearby Eternity
I still Love you …
After the sun Fall asleep, 44 more words



I fall myself into silence again

Suffering in the absence of spoken words
Tired from the weight of loss
It’s too fast to breathe… 67 more words


Scribblings 17

So I woke up at 11.45,
Having slept 4 hours prior,
It had been a long day,
My body was aching tired,
Everybody I knew was asleep, 292 more words


I need me a petty girl like you

I said petty. Not pretty. Not pretty like Janelle Monae. Petty like Lady Luck. I’m listening and watching her say “I got text messages. Voicemails. I’m a petty bitch. 72 more words

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