Tags » I Still Love You!

Why is it so hard to let you go? I know I have to, but I can’t. I would rather be stuck with you than to go on with my life without you. 46 more words

My Feelings

Moving On

It doesn’t hurt that much now, I don’t cry as much as I used to. I stopped feeling the whole zoo when your name pop on the screen, only the gentle beat of small butterflies. 25 more words

My Feelings

The Reason Why I'm Awake

Why don’t you sleep that much at night? People often ask me that. Well it’s because the darkness of my room suffocates me, the deafening silence reminds me I’m alone. 131 more words

My Feelings

Windows to My Heart

He’s from the North and I’m from South
His name sounds like an orchestra playing between my mouth
Yet we were too different, too split, and too diverse… 302 more words



And when I say I am
stillin love with you,
don’t think that I
haven’t tried not to.



You say we don’t have anything in common, but that’s a lie. We did; we had our love for each other.

And that was enough.

For me… that was enough.


One More Dream

As usual,
For me to talk to you, you need to come in dreams,
I know in real we are each other’s favourite enemies, but in my dreams we share something without words. 39 more words