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Friends? Let’s be friends……

Just friends…the worst thing that a person you love could say to you. It’s like torture..ang sakit, nakikita mo siyang masaya, habang ikaw, sad life forever ka na lang sa kabilang side ng monitor. 134 more words


A Letter For My Hearted Broken Friend

Dearest My Friend,

Life is hard for you right now.You cry yourself to sleep and drown yourself in tears, hoping that it would be enough to keep you from breathing and living. 705 more words


the way time was woven

maybe we’ll meet again,
when we are slightly older
and our minds less hectic,
and I’ll be right for you
and you’ll be right for me. 16 more words


Let's find our way back.

We may not be together right now,we may miss the times we’ve both shared,we may ache for the presence of each other.

The reason I let you go and this time around with a clear intention has a lot of reasons tied to it actually. 335 more words

Girls And Guys

And I do this to myself....

Every time you decide to ask me a question involving about what you mean to me, It’s always going to be the same answer; everything. You mean everything to me. 220 more words

I'm Still Loving You

Never meant
To drown you
In my tears
Making you
For my all pain
You’re my knight
In shining armour
Keeping you smiling 34 more words


I’m unsure how I was able to put so much love into someone who really took it for granted. I now see that even people you love and admire can change their mind about you at any time; or even not think about you the way you thought they did  240 more words