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Tuesday 24th April 2012

One of the best things about teaching is when one of my students gets whatever it is I’m trying to teach them. 253 more words



On one of my last days at work, I walked in to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my table. A precious beginner reader who I have worked with this summer gave me flowers! 83 more words

I Teach Therefore I Am?

"Miss Suzanne, Your Name is Long!"

I have a beginner reading student learning his letters. As requested by the ISD, we are working on his name, capital letters, basic grammar, directional skills, and basic phonemes so he enter kindergarten on grade level. 71 more words

I Teach Therefore I Am?

Boogers, Toenails, and Gas...

Working with children challenges my compulsive cleanliness habits. Children are messy. I assume any reader that is a parent is now laughing at me, but for some reason I never realized how “earthy” children are. 557 more words

I Teach Therefore I Am?

Entering the Crazy...

Entering the crazy. You could speculate that this statement pertains to my future scholarly endeavors, my general view of living life, or how I engage with specific individuals who are legitimately crazy, delusional, or random. 547 more words

I Teach Therefore I Am?

You May Call Me "Nightingale."

Before a morning hour began this summer, Ariana was pulling books and looked up at Praia and me and commented, “Yesterday, I tested the most interesting student I have ever had. 328 more words

I Teach Therefore I Am?

Save the Children...

During the summer, a six-year-old student began attending tutoring. Cayes is a chatty child that struggles with reading. Even after completing kindergarten, he cannot identify letters with sounds or names with letters. 430 more words

I Teach Therefore I Am?