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I've got a fever and the only prescription is more VUVUZELA

Am I slightly World Cup obsessed? Why, yes, yes I am. Let’s put it this way, when my 5 years of free mystery cable disappeared in March, I was ok with it. 194 more words


Patience possess ye your Farscape

About a year ago, I wrote about my love for the quirky sci-fi show, Farscape. Along with Gilmore Girls, this is one of my most pimped shows and as I wrote, the lone TV on DVD collection that remained out of grasp. 770 more words


pimpage and other housekeeping items

I’m a bad blogger. I envy those of you who post daily or far more regularly than I and respond to their comments quickly and comment on others (I’m a lurker, really).  297 more words


happy birthday to meeeee in 20 days

I looked at the calendar today and it hit me that my 30th bday is in 20 days. After my OMGWTFBBQIHAVEN’TDONEANYTHINGWITHMYLIFEOMGI’MSUCHALOSERQUICKGETMEAPAPERBAGTOBREATHINTO moment, I drank some coffee and was fine. 453 more words

DC Is My Manhattan

Really Heroes??? REALLY?!?!

Warning: if you haven’t watched the craptacular season finale of Heroes, here be spoilers. And a v. fangirly rant.

Heroes, I thought we had something special. 642 more words


still a skin virgin...for now

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with tattoos. As a kid,  I would draw on my hand with a marker and pretend I had a tattoo. 514 more words


not obsessed, merely passionate

‘Sup bitches??

Sorry about the silence here. I’ve been hacking up my lungs the past 2 weeks, thanks to a loverly lil cold.  I’m finally better, but I still sound like I’ve been smoking Marlboro Reds for 50 years. 565 more words