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Told You So

Are there any more triumphal AND defeating words as “I told you so”!  If you are on the receiving end it stings.  It’s a helping of humble pie; It means you were warned but chose to reject the advice.  442 more words


I Told You So: Instigator Rule

When Rangers enforcer Dylan McIlrath came to the defense of team mate Derek Stepan on Friday after he was pasted by Boston’s Matt Belesky, there were many instigator rule haters waiting in the wings. 375 more words


Aria's Life Lessons Auntie Ana Refused to Nap

 Take a good look at your Auntie Anastasia’s face. Does she look happy? No she does not.

This is what she looked like going to school when she stayed up late watching TV even though she had to get up the next morning for school. 248 more words

Aria E. Appleford Blogs

The Apple guys at IBM are smiling. Here's why. (Update with video)

IBM began officially offering Macs to its 400,000 employees on June 1st, more than three decades after it joined forces with Microsoft to create the original IBM PC. 382 more words


Of Bikes, Bravado and Buffoonery

Somewhere around the age of 14 I initiated and won my first major campaign – That of persuading my parents to buy me a bike. There were only two two-wheelers in fashion those days. 896 more words

The Things That Happen To Me