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I Told You So! As Told by an Atlantic and a FiveThirtyEight Article

I gotta say, I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO!

Why don’t these mo’fo’s read Ye Olde Blogge? If McConnell (R-Diabolical Moron), Ryan (R-Policy Fumbler) had read my posts, oh, let’s say,  709 more words


What Went Right With... I Told You So by Chino XL?

Whereas Chino XL’s début album Here To Save You All was a relative success due to magazines like The Source and TV shows like Yo! MTV Raps… 1,368 more words


I Told You So: Curating a Piece of Ghanaian Storytelling through Artistic Experimentation

On Sunday, August 6th, a predominantly young audience sat ready to be taken in by Abdul Karim Hakib’s stage adaptation of Bob Cole’s classic film, I Told You So. 1,178 more words


For the Love of Being Right

Things you should know about me:

  • I LOVE to be right.
  • I HATE to be wrong.

I know, most of us do, but I’m brave enough to admit that I can be kind of, well, obnoxious about it. 972 more words