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For quite some time I have been complaining – voraciously – about the fluorescent lights in several of the rooms downstairs.

The one in the den only agrees to come on twice a year; you must either leave it on 24/7 or use the computer by candle light. 228 more words

"I told you so"...

My two oldest kids have recently become obsessed with “I told you so.” They say it to each other constantly. It doesn’t even matter if they have the context correct. 2,011 more words

Christian Walk

Hot Damn! I was Correct... again!

You know I love to gloat.  Rarely, though, is my turnaround time this quick.  Some quick background; most of my pieces percolate in my head for a few months before I finally sit down and write them out.  312 more words

Friendship or Frenship????? Which one?

Pisces Girl


It sounds easy and it could be easy but it is not. Coming to the realisation that you have to evolve in order to achieve what you want is a start. 669 more words

Lord Help me Makeit Through Today

This new job is freaking me out. Don’t you hate the learning curve of a new job? It is enough to make me walk out and go back to banking. 94 more words


Totally non-scientific Theory Tuesday: I told you so.

The righter you are about something, the harder it is to say “I told you so.”

Take, for example, my best friend. I love her to bits, and I know she’d do anything for me, except actually take my advice. 203 more words


I Told You So.

I told you so!” 

Don’t you just want to say nah, nah, na, booby when someone says that to you? Of course you do. I do. 714 more words

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[caption id="attachment_1350" align="aligncenter" width="307"]Courtesy: Flicr Creative Commons Courtesy: Flicr Creative Commons[/caption] Bigger kids. Bigger problems. Can’t wait. In the meantime, maybe I’ll dye my hair blue; with Stacey’s permission, of course.