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Dia Trescientos Sesenta y Tres // Day Three Hundred & Sixty-Three

27.12.2016 Wednesday

I found a new coffee shop this morning. It’s small, minimalistic and very friendly. It’s called “I Told You So” and if you’re passing North Lakes, I urge you to try it.

WATCH: Cancer Survivor Performs Incredible Duet With Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks always puts on incredible shows, but a recent concert was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

At a show in Richmond, Va., Brooks invited a recent high school graduate and cancer survivor, Danielle El-Jor, onstage to sing with him in front of a crowd of thousands according to… 158 more words


That's Not Who Iamb

I’ll never say I told you so.
That’s not how I prefer to go
Through life, forever keeping score.
If we’re true friends, we’ve got… 90 more words


Look what I found!

Student: *Picks something up off the ground and holds out hand*

Student: Miss A! Look what I found! What is it?

Me: Well, that’s deer poop that your holding. 55 more words

Shit Students Say


Hagiography. It has nothing to do with this piece. I just think it’s a nice word and I have never had the chance to use it. 1,259 more words



For quite some time I have been complaining – voraciously – about the fluorescent lights in several of the rooms downstairs.

The one in the den only agrees to come on twice a year; you must either leave it on 24/7 or use the computer by candle light. 228 more words

"I told you so"...

My two oldest kids have recently become obsessed with “I told you so.” They say it to each other constantly. It doesn’t even matter if they have the context correct. 2,011 more words

Christian Walk