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This is a Post about Nothing...Really

I’ve been reading “If You Feel Too Much” by Jamie Tworkowski (If you’ve never read it before I strongly recommend it. It’s not just a good read, it’s a very beautiful book) and it basically has stirred up old feelings for storytelling. 147 more words


I drink with half a seroquel. I have done it for so long that instead of making sleep all night like I used to…. I sleep three hours. 354 more words



I told you so!

(My first poem against what others find fit for me ..:p )

Now you can see me on the stage

screaming out with  all my rage… 130 more words


Anxiety and People

As a rule, I shirk people as much as possible. There are a ton of different reasons. Some reasons more prevalent than others, at different stages in life. 391 more words


I Told You So!

Don’t you hate it when people say, “I told you so?” I mean, you swallow your pride and come to them because you trusted them enough to ask for advice. 555 more words



Predictably (sic) I suppose you thought I was going to write about the little thingamajig that you hold in your hand and expect it to think ahead of you and insert words into messages! 482 more words