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5 struggles that every writer understands

Being a writer can be rewarding. There is a feeling of satisfaction you get when you finally write that one post that goes viral or you get that feedback from someone telling you how much your words touched their lives. 284 more words

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The not so glamorous life of a writer

The look of awe I get from people when I describe what I do surprises me. “You mean you don’t have to wake up by 4 am and rush out to some office every day? 581 more words

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My frustrations with being a writer

Don’t let the title deceive you. I love being a writer. I have found the greatest joy in it. It has given me a platform to express the deepest things in my heart; things that I could not say with my mouth. 542 more words

The Writing Series

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!

2014 ended on an unbelievably sour note for me. I had to take New Year’s Eve off because The Monkey’s daycare was closed and the hubs had to work. 256 more words


Stubbed: A Writer's Plight

I’d like to start by saying “Ouch!” The rest of the four letter expletives I will leave to your own imaginations. (By all means, be colorful. 272 more words


Hello World...Room for one more freelance writer?

Oh the life of a freelance writer

Yesterday I finished critiquing a romance novel. Yes, for pay. And yes, I died a little inside by the time I got to the end. 481 more words

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What Happens When You Decide to be a Writer?

You decided that you can not picture yourself doing anything else than being a writer. Perhaps you want to be a novelist. Perhaps you started a blog (like me :) ). 762 more words

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