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Maths Conf 14: Everything You Need to Know About Grade Boundaries

The second session I attended at Maths Conf 14 was given by Andrew Taylor (@AQAMaths, Head of Curriculum for Maths at AQA). I diligently signed up for this, being someone who one day would like to be a Head of Department etc, thinking “well, I can say I’ve been trained on this”. 772 more words

I Was There

MathsConf 14: Structuring Teaching for the Weakest Pupils

Here is the first of four posts relating to the sessions that I attended. First post for the first session run by Naveen Rizvi (@naveefrizvi on twitter). 460 more words

I Was There

I was there: MathsConf 14

I finally made it to a LaSalle mathsconf and let me tell you it was amazing! It was worth waking up at 4am and waiting 20 minutes in the cold for a delayed 5.30am train. 343 more words

I Was There

I was there: CCT Annual Conference 2018

On Saturday (yes, Saturday!) the 17th of February 2018, I woke up at 7am to get a train to a conference on teaching. You may have spotted that I am a big proponent of the… 736 more words

I Was There

I was there.

Sometimes I forget why I wrote “Toronto’s Secret” my hard copy text of a series of web pages I’ve written over the years to correct rumours in other books about my participation in early Rock and Roll in Toronto. 63 more words

Rock And Roll

How America Embraced Ignorance

Recently I have searched the alternative media for the truth but only find half-truths and misdirection. The alternative has become the mainstream it was so much against. 1,035 more words

I Was There