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GoT Recap: To Catch a Wight

Our small band of heroes trudges through the snow-capped mountains beyond the wall. The Brotherhood Without Banners is represented, as is Winterfell and the Wildlings. Even the South has a delegate, in the form of Gendry. 2,994 more words

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This is Great

Who knew I’d be on team Jess?

Never was a big Milo Ventimiglia fan. Because I’d never seen Gilmore Girls until 2016, I knew him first as Peter Petrelli from Heroes, and he was always this emo kid with issues who cared. 510 more words

I Watch Too Much TV

GoT Recap: Inglorious Bastards

Do you speed through the opening credits of Game of Thrones? With that swelling orchestral score and educational bird’s eye view, I almost always linger. The places featured in the opening are almost always a sign of where the action is going to be. 2,375 more words

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GoT Recap: Enough with the Clever Plans

Still stewing over Olenna Tyrell’s big reveal, the Kingslayer is busily, if not grumpily, getting down to the business of paying off Lannister debts with Highgarden gold. 2,145 more words

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GoT Recap: Ice and Fire

“I believe we last saw each other atop the Wall.”

“You were pissing off the edge, if I remember right.”

And on that manly note, the reunion episode of this season’s Game of Thrones opens, and we are off to the races. 1,780 more words

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GoT Recap: Queen of the Ashes

It is a dark and stormy night. Suddenly out of the darkness, light shines from the cold war room of Dragonstone! So begins my recap of the second episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones. 1,644 more words

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GoT Recap: Shall We Begin?

I finally started the GoT S07 binge and egad, what a lovely way to begin the season – with the exception of that annoying ginger Hobbit who nearly ruined everything.  1,560 more words

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