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Gobble, Gobble, Goblin

Now let me see, if I were a nineteen year-old high school senior with no parents and an abusive auntie, would I go for a well-dressed, obviously wealthy immortal with a mysterious past and a sword sticking out of his chest? 623 more words

Cinematic Universes

You say YouTube black hole, I say Netflix black hole

Netflix is a black hole of great content. I just spent this weekend getting through The Crown, it’s latest prestige period drama which was so awesome it hurts to think I have to wait another year for its second season. 429 more words

I Watch Too Much TV

Vive La Reine! Netflix puts our $11.99 monthly subscription to good use and I have no regrets

Just when I was wondering where  to get my dose of  exquisite gentility since Downton Abbey wrapped after six glorious seasons, Netflix comes out with the superb The Crown, its  take on the rise of Queen Elizabeth II.  689 more words

I Watch Too Much TV

The Life Lessons of Carl Grimes

Meet Carl. Carl is a teenager who came of age in the Atlanta zombie apocalypse. His world view is shaped by his father, who was a no-nonsense sheriff  when the world still made sense and people weren’t re-animated monsters out for brains. 523 more words

In Dumaguete Metropost