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Skidding Stop

Well, markets are back up after the recent red letters in previous weeks, and this spells some good news for my Fitbit stock, which is going up again. 306 more words


Close Shave

Did a late night put option trade for 3% ROI on Friday after I got home. Trade was valid based on the standard rules of engagement passed down to me so I queued to get a trade placed for the normal ROI. 254 more words


Another ditch in the road...

And you keep moving, so the song goes. One of my favourite emotional tear jerkers during my teenage years. Mixed bag of results for tonight. On one hand, the put option trade I made last week is sitting tight at negative one cent premium. 170 more words


When I Was At The Grocery Store..

When I was at the grocery store this evening, I couldn’t help but have these thoughts constantly running through my mind: “Ugh, I want poptarts. I’ll never get to have poptarts again…a full Pizza Corner pizza get in my belly! 218 more words

Inverse Stocks

Made a trade to purchase a small allotment of inverse shares that I mentioned in my previous post, as I’m kinda bearish about the overall market. 208 more words


The Oscar for Pantry Organization Goes To…

Gather round, children, and let me tell you about the day I achieved a feat astonishing in both its level of difficulty and its utter meaninglessness: I contact papered the shelves in the kitchen pantry. 553 more words


Winning at Life

After a few decades of unblemished health, in recent years, I have become a copperhead-bitten, emergency-appendectomied, metal-hipped, celiac-diseased, breast cancer survivor. I’ve been hospitalized five times in the last seven years due to four different, unrelated ailments. 45 more words

I Win