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He texted...

So I was in this half asleep state earlier. I heard my phone ringing but didn’t care to answer it.

Well when I finally woke up, I looked at my phone to see it was 2 missed calls from work, 2 missed calls from my mok, and one missed call from an unknown number- all back to back, which could only mean one thing- it was travis. 386 more words


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#Motivation from thepositive_vibe

“I win, that’s what I do” 👉 @luxury.unleashed
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my bench on a Monday morning

It’s a bit of a mess. What you can see is my recent experiments with oak boards and metal patches. You can see my latest and most perfect ‘toy’ the most beautiful box of watercolour paints that was ever made. 276 more words

Swiney, "A Hell Of A Nice Guy"...(I now have proof!)

Ok, so it’s been forever that anything’s gone up here, but luckily I was busy shooting for a while (Jerkoff Material #12, HOT movie btw) then dealt w/the post production rigmarole, and just couldn’t find the time/space upstairs to punch up something that wouldn’t have been anything but a waste of ‘our’ time. 2,093 more words

I want to marry Peggy Carter AND be her, too.

Marvel has done something – yes, I’m going to say it – Marvelous.

Agent Carter.

Comic book stories are big again, which is both wonderful and miserable. 1,063 more words

Nailed It

Exercise Time

When I workout in the morning, I feel ready for anything: ready to take on the world. When I workout in the evening (which is most days), all the struggles of the day disappear. 18 more words