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Giner made these...and I can't stop eating them!

I can’t stop eating this stuff.

Thanks to Giner on this special redic dessert.

I think I had 12 of these after dinner tonight.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms… 6 more words

Random Ramblings

Yo @Potbelly - Welcome to Cleveland! #munchamuncha

Who didn’t check out the grand opening of Potbelly (@Potbelly) in Cleveland yesterday?

They even had live entertainment.

Full review tomorrow…cause I gotta go back and get another wreck…and of course more cookies. 12 more words


Trying my best to make Mamma Zu Crab pizza

Experimenting on the line tonight to make crab pizza. Insanity huh?

Trying to replicate this….

…and this…

I am thinking Mamma Zu in Richmond, VA has nothing to worry about. 34 more words


Your mystery - cause the best peanut butter cookie is.... (part-2/3) #munchamuncha

Part two of this week’s mystery cookie…

Clue #2-let’s take a look at the softness…

Not just soft….but warm and chewy. Out-freakin-standing!

Do you know where to get the best peanut butter cookie in the world? 12 more words


Penny's Noodle Shop in Chicago has THE best Lad Nar #bestthingIeverate #munchamuncha

Man, is it almost lunch?

Just thinking about our most recent travels to Chicago…And Penny’s in Chicago has been a long-standing staple of great superb cheap Vietnamese eats in Chicago. 289 more words


Sneak peek at the best focaccia in NE Ohio #guido #fistpump #DTFocaccia

Evening Italianos!

Mama Mia-as we had some important meetings this afternoon but we didn’t forget about you.

I know all you Guidos are wondering just about the DTF…aka Down To Focaccia… 31 more words


Dear @McDonalds -I like your nuggets #inthecar

Dear McDonald’s – Why do you beckon me?

Sweet Sour – check

Barbeque – check

Napkin (sleeve) – check

Reporting live from the car…eating you-know-what…