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I wish: I had started to get building skills

I’m quickly discovering that on a farm you need to know a little something about all types of building, even better if you can do it yourself. 237 more words

I wish: I had gone WWOOFing

The biggest thing I wish I had done was to have gone WWOOFing. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, and they put people who want to learn from an organic farm together with organic farm owners who need extra help. 316 more words

Things I wish I had done before we got to the farm

Why do people say they have no regrets? Is it wilful forgetting? I have tonnes of regrets and I bet everybody does. So I’m going to have a category: ’Things I wish I had done before we got to the Farm’, and keep adding to it every time I think of something I wish I had done to prepare. 135 more words

I Wish

I wish u was rich,
I would  own a mansion.
I wish I was a bird,
To fly to my destination at ease.
I wish  I was a comedian, to put smile  on  the  nation . 51 more words


I wish i wasn't me.

i wish i could be the perfect child  my mother always wanted.. i wish i wasn’t as fat and ugly i am.. i wish i wasn’t the weird one who can’t even order a cup of coffee without having a panic attack. 168 more words


In the deep and the still

It’s late.

Probably some time after 1, maybe even 2. I don’t want to check. It’s better if I don’t know. I was sound asleep, or at least, I thought I was. 527 more words

All Things Good