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Imperfect (poem of a wish)

Small or big a reason religious,
A small word in which i exist,
Just that the magic in me
Eventually shines, my true self.

Within pleasing weather, 93 more words


(M)eta- I Wish

Nicko Makko Bach James

neon neomu yeppeoseo nan nega tamina
neon neomu chakhaeseo nan nega tamina
wenmanhan yeojaneun chyeodabon jeok eobtneun
naega wae ireolgga babocheoreom… 247 more words


What I want for my daughter 

I want a lot of things for my little girl. And I do my best every day to make sure that she has what she needs. 334 more words


10 thing my inner Bad-Ass would do!

1. The second she turns 21 her first drink would be a high priced whiskey. But not that imitation Cosco brand sh*t. She wants the kind of whiskey that corporate CEO’s would have in a crystal decanter near their huge ass floor to ceiling window over looking the city from their 50th floor office. 187 more words

Daily Rant

90 Day Challenge: Day 43 - Don't Wish For What Others Have Wish For Your Own

Be careful for what you wish for because you might get it. We know that our thoughts are powerful and we attract to us what we think about most. 366 more words


No Regrets

No Regrets

By Fault

Ended 9:49 PM

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I had grabbed her hand, unaware that my grip was blanching her small hands. “Geez, trying to cut off circulation?” I could hear a tremble residing behind her belligerence. 534 more words