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I write like H.G.Wells?

I’m normally a skeptic when it comes to apps that purport to analyse this, that or the other but…this tool is spot on. It’s spooky how accurate it is… 497 more words

I Write Like...

Hey hey guys!

Yes, I am still alive. Shocker, I know.

Since I last updated a month ago, I figured that I should make a fun post, rather than my normal book reviews. 584 more words


Smemtogis, so much more than a poem.

I’d like to begin this post by explaining; it wasn’t my idea, it was Ellen’s. In fact, Ellen made me do it. Yup. Not my fault; Ellen’s fault, and if you want to know who Ellen is, you’ll have to go to her blog, but I warn you; once you get there you may have trouble tearing yourself away. 1,124 more words

And finally

OK, so I know I should leave it alone now -and I will – as soon as I’ve posted this.

Some of you will know that yesterday I wrote a post about an app that claims to be able to analyse your writing. 287 more words

Who's Got Style? (Probably not me)

I wonder if writers know what their writing style is, even as they write. Could they identify their style themselves, describe it to someone? I know I don’t have a writing style (or maybe I do and I just don’t see it as anything but amateur and rough), but I do want to emulate some other writers. 406 more words