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Now I Write Like Arthur C. Clarke and Lovecraft Lingers!

Some of you might remember my post I Write Like Lovecraft. It was a lot of fun! I received many comments which were fun and many friends tried it out for their own samples. 433 more words


A bad or odd writer, or The Sincerest Form of Flattery

I was playing around on the internet and stumbled upon the website “I write like” (https://iwl.me/) and had a bit of a play to see who it would match me with. 345 more words

Geek Ergo Sum

I Write Like

Curious about my style? I’m very fashionable. Well…that’s not exactly true because most of the time I chill out in sweats.

Buuut in terms of my writing style, I just found this site (link below) called I Write Like. 125 more words

Cave Girl

I Write Like...

Have you ever wondered who you write like?

Critique Circle shares a bunch of writer tools on their Facebook page, and a few days ago they shared a a link to a fun text analyzer that they found. 211 more words


Day 728: I Write Like ___ ______

Yesterday,  I discovered the website I Write Like. After I had finished writing a blog post — like I have been writing here on WordPress every day for the past two years — I spent some time checking out which famous authors  1,292 more words

Personal Growth

A bit of fun

On her blog today, Kyrosmagica discovered she writes like Stephen King!

I apparently write like Dan Brown, Cory Doctorow, Vladimir Nabokov, and Mark Twain, depending on which story I offered up a sample of. 6 more words


An Enthusiasm for Similes

I’ve been reading a lot lately and when I find a sentence or paragraph I like I’ll go over it a few times, savoring it the way some people enjoy wine.  668 more words