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David Foster Wallace: An unexpected perk from ‘text analysis’

Having written for a couple of decades in professional journalism and more recently made public some of my parallel fiction from those years, I’d started to believe that maybe I could carve out a niche spot for me, myself and I along that endless spectrum of authors… but enough gilding. 589 more words


I Write Like...

I write like
Stephen King

About Stephen King | Analyze your text

I fuckin’ guess? For most of my writing samples, I always get Stephen King… except for that time I got Bram Stoker. 21 more words

I write like who?

This evening, I was enjoying science trivia night at the museum with a longtime improv friend who blogs at The Flehmen Response under the name Sparky MacMillan.   583 more words


I Write Like Who?

It all began with a question. Or, a request. During my latest round of submissions, I ran across this:

Include a short bio and describe your style.  714 more words


My "Like" Authors

I just took a ride on the path of a little entertainment.

On another blog, a person mentioned a site called “I write like.”  The purpose of this site is to show you what writers, famous writers, you write like. 310 more words


I Write Like Dan Brown Now!

For some background information on this article, please visit previous articles I Write Like Lovecraft and I Write Like Arthur C. Clarke!. This is an experiment I carry out every month because it’s fun and it helps me see if there are any changes in my writing style. 172 more words

Creative Writing

I Write Like Awesome Writers

I was recently directed to a neat little corner of the web: a textual analyser designed to scratch the egos of fledgling writers everywhere by informing them that they write like this or that famous author. 111 more words