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i Cryptic Crossword 1635 Klingsor

As a printer for my entire working life I had many discussions as to the value of compositors. This example of modern day typesetting shows why I was so disdainful. 316 more words



This might have been the first time in a really looonggg time, since i feel so bad at a couple for falling in love. Well in this case i’m not sure the partner really love her or just there for something else. 86 more words


Blue gold: 1969 Lamborghini Espada

This 1st series Espada came from Italy painted in gold, then it became blue. So that’s not as original as before but it still holds the appeal of its extraordinary design sketched by Marcello Gandini at Bertone coachworks. 141 more words

For Sale


We have a choice to speak.

We also have a choice to listen.

What happens after is harder. Did we really hear? Did we understand? Does action precede understanding, or do we act once we know and understand. 354 more words


Eunice Ahn

Eunice Ahn, INFJ

Class of 2017

“It bothers me when people know that I’m an introvert and assume that I don’t have anything to say or prefer to stay in the background. 10 more words


Zero fucks to give

Learn by doing… The motto of Cal Poly.

Cal Poly students have heard this several times from professors, admin, alumni, and other students.

I thought I believed in this shit… But I’m starting to second guess what I thought… 407 more words

What Fandoms I wirte About

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  • One Direction
  • 5sos
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Justin Bieber


  • Tom hiddlestone
  • Peter Fancinelli
  • Collin O’ Donoghue