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2014; written and directed by Guy Pigden; 94 mins

An Otago zombie movie. In most NZ movies nowadays, I’ll know one or two of the crew but to actually watch a film that features people I knew from Film school, people I do stand-up with and people I know from the pub… is quite a different thing entirely. 467 more words


Where He leads me I will follow

Since Jesus Christ called me I have been following Him, I have been going where He sent me, and doing what He told me to do. 698 more words

i Cryptic Crossword 2121 Klingsor

I found this reprint of a Saturday prize puzzle very difficult and a couple were left unanswered. 1ac was a complete unknown, the wordplay of 7dn succeed in being so misleading that I couldn’t fathom what I was looking for and 10ac, well I can just about associate the answer with Handle but find it a bit tenuous. 98 more words


Contemplation, Seeing

Dying to succeed, forgetting to live and love the essence of being, to truly exist.

Contemplate your mind, it works in patterns. Identify what’s not serving you and humanity, begin to cut it at the root. 98 more words

Running Out of Things

I always run out of things to write about.

It always happens.
Then i look back at my life and try to envision what it would be like if all of my dreams were real. 369 more words

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