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Complimentary colours

Fashion is all about having a complete outfit and for an outfit to be complete it must work from head to toe. Planning what to wear can be a difficult task so it is always good to start with a base colour. 311 more words


It is I?

It is I!

Are sure?

Well, thinks so.

(Need a little Sunday morning thought provocation?)

Okay, more pointedly, then, where is this “I” of which do speak of? 745 more words


Daily Affirmation, 5/29/16

Through positive action now,

I change my environment to that which I desire.

Monthly Post 2016

Being a 25 yr old

I am in a life stage where my peers are committing to their other halves, registering for flats and my latest update is me getting a Macbook Air. 13 more words

Nothing here


Once I’ve been told that every blog needs an article, where you are supposed to describe your intentions. As life is full of rules that need to be obeyed. 116 more words

17 Things I Learned By 17

So it was my birthday yesterday and I decided to do a post on things I’ve learned by 17. Hope you enjoy!

  1.  You aren’t alone. I was in a very bad place a few years ago and I felt like I was completely alone but then I realised that, actually, I’m not.
  2. 736 more words