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Anime Girl de A a Z: Inori Yuzuriha

Para esta semana temos a vocalista da banda Egoist! A bem conhecida Inori Yuzuriha. Inori é a protagonista feminina da anime Guilty Crown, vocalista da banda cibernética  228 more words

Anime Girl

Did you miss me? Four simple words but it feels as though the entire world circulate around it.
But does it define my worth.. No, it only defines the depth of our intimacy. 29 more words


Me, myself and I, and other personal pronouns

It’s amazing how many people get these wrong. Don’t bother to try to learn all the complex rules of grammar. Just make it simple.

For example, how would you know that “her and myself went to the movies” was wrong? 148 more words


FIROZ RASUL: Recreating the University of East Africa

The university was set up to be elite without being elitist — that is, to provide high quality education without being exclusive.

The pluralism of the institution is very important.

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Aga Khan University: Filling the shoes of a fallen giant

The Aga Khan University hopes to plug the gap left by the University of East Africa, which in its heyday managed to bind the region together and had stand-alone campuses in the three countries.

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One of the largest surviving Islamic monuments in Kabul was restored by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture

One of the largest surviving Islamic monuments in central Kabul, the Mausoleum of Timur Shah marks the grave of the son of Ahmad Shah Durrani, who effectively united Afghanistan in the late eighteenth century. 868 more words


We're walking backwards

My heart is beating every second, but i’ve stopped moving forward since then.

Shattered into pieces, reality took off his cloak and I never woke up from that dream. 62 more words