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i Cryptic Crossword 1860 Mordred

Ordinarily I’d expect to have my work cut out with Mordred, but this was done and dusted in pretty short order. The clever gimmick in this puzzle is of the sort which provides the solver with a lot of help, always assuming that one spots it. 106 more words


Flow to God entree: Songbird

Here is a spontaneous teaching moment recorded by Songbird. He says: Feel free to check out my YouTube channel, at, “Songbird I IS WE”, I suggest the video titled, “what is I?”, first. 22 more words


[ number 111 ] Best Ways To [verb] [adjective][plural noun] [adverb]!!

great encaptivating description for SEO!  Here’s an irrelevent picture!  Here’s a link to some other site that these kind of shitposts were made to advertise! 74 more words



When will you admit to yourself he doesn’t care for you anymore? Why are you so blind to see he is only with you, because you offer easy life and stability. 294 more words

Love Life

i Cryptic Crossword 1859 Quixote

Not quite the walk in the park I was expecting when I saw Quixote’s name. Quite the opposite, in fact. This took as much time as many of the harder offerings we get towards the end of the week. 108 more words



Upravo se dešava ono o čemu sam pričala- fabrički reset. Opet moja dilema oko naslova i  da li da stavim jedan od onih dana. Mada, nedrž je dosta slikovitiji. 484 more words