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what i see is what i perceive
regardless of everything revolving around
my mind is up above and my head in the clouds
to feel this or thin that… 51 more words


Poetry Reading: I Saw You Fall

I’ve added another video poetry reading on Youtube. This time, I am reading my poem,

“I Saw You Fall.”

If you want to stay up to date with my poetry videos, 7 more words

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  • When I was young, twenty-thirty years old, I cried .  A lot.  Then one day my tears turned into beautiful glitter and I shined!  via Daily Prompt: Glitter

i Cryptic Crossword 1883 Quixote

A good Monday puzzle – on the easier side, but with a few clues here and there to get the old brain cells ticking over. A few new things learnt as ever from the Don – in my case the additional meaning of 11ac, and the Canadian city. 21 more words


earthquake italy today I map of italy earthquake I earthquake in italy

Earthquake in central Italy leaves dozens dead At least 73 people have been killed in an earthquake that hit a mountainous area of central Italy, authorities say. 19 more words


These things fall apart
coming together
bringing our hearts
to strengthen
through these moments
of love, tears
letting go of fears
but this will end… 115 more words


Why do you
say these things
why don’t you see
that you hurt me

that I am is wrong
2+2 isn four
its supposeds to be… 164 more words