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Education in small literacy classes has evolved into an international network of schools of excellence

Like each of you, personally, the University also remembers its heritage on a day like this. That heritage is rooted in the rich history of Islamic intellectual accomplishment – including the work of my own ancestors in ancient Cairo 1000 years ago, when they founded the Azhar University and the Dar-ul-ilm – the House of Knowledge. 563 more words


Some Self-Thoughts


  • …you feel energetic in social situations, but being alone frustrates you?
  • …you feel restless if you do not have a clear goal in sight?
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Self Thoughts

Daily Monitor Uganda | Aga Khan University to expand programmes

“A healthy society is a meritocratic one, where ethics are honoured, and excellence is valued. And the great question now confronting us in Africa is how rapidly the institutions of a healthy society can be established and reinforced.”

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It felt like hell when you slept
So peacefully like a baby
After I told you that I was sad and
Bawling my eyes out… 44 more words


Coastweek | The Aga Khan University’s New Charter Sets the Stage for Major Expansion in the Region

“It is done so because of the trust and confidence that we have in the Aga Khan University, that the university will contribute to Tanzania’s endeavours to close the human resource gap particularly in the areas of sciences, natural sciences, mathematics and computers,” he said.

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The fight for the I

The I is…dead. The I is...overcome. The I is…antiquated. The I is…an article of faith. The I is…lost… 809 more words

Random Reflection