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i Cryptic Crossword 2250 Dac

A thoroughly enjoyable outing from Dac that was for the most part pretty straightforward. I say for the most part, because I wonder how many solvers struggled with 12d. 127 more words


Inquisitor 1538 Mistake by Ifor

The first outdoor solve of the year. Yes, Spring has finally sprung. I’ve got a drink, a table and chair retrieved from the far corners of the garage, and a freshly minted copy of the Weekend… 266 more words



Hardware Rivals is an online multiplayer game so it’s not really for me, however I did take the time to play the training area and that was fun all by itself. 1,222 more words


The Girl on the Cliffs

Level I

3 Stars

Category: Personal Journey

Q: What is the main idea of this selection?

A: A young woman follows her…

Q: What destructive force in nature was responsible… 236 more words

Environmental Disasters

Very similar picture depicting an oil spill

Level I

3 Stars

Category: Our Earth

Q:What is the main idea of the selection

A:oil is a form of ecocide that can be prevented… 234 more words

i Cryptic Crossword 2249 Radian

According to Sir Mark Rylance on the radio this morning, Shakespeare was a committee. Be that as it may, solvers wishing to confirm today’s¬†theme… 192 more words


The Island (2005)

Duration 2h 16m Rating (UK) 12A Source of story A more or less original screenplay Writers/Script 331 more words