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The art of surrendering

Many may ask: What is that state of “no-I” that you talk about? How do you become egoless?
Many want an explanation and a method to practice. 625 more words


i Cryptic Crossword 1563 Dac

A fairly straightforward offering from Dac . A couple of oddities I thought, Milk = Use in 3a and Determined = Out in 16d.  A few old chestnuts thrown in as well I don’t think I would have known of 9a and 20d if I didn’t do crosswords and as with Els the go to golfer so Ashe the setters tennis player. 72 more words


Daily Improvements

I am trying to make small daily improvements to make my days more productive, here is my progress

Waking up at 5am – Loads of things I have listened to and read say that getting up early and having time to exercise, journal and learning sets you up for the day. 315 more words

Personal Development

Messy or maybe not

Everything seems so messy, the place we live in, the bed, the weather, the food. But maybe it only seems messy and in reality it is not like this. 87 more words


Travel-size I Rub My Duckie, Classic Yellow

What’s more fun than going on a trip with a close friend? not much, we say! almost half the size of the classic original floating toy, travel-size i rub my duckie® is packed with power and ready to go on any adventure you set before him. 90 more words

Sahafat Aur Haqiqat

Baishtar Kaha Jata Hy Ki Media Riasat Ka Chotha (4th) Sutoon Hy.Yani Media Kisi Be Riasat K Ander Boht He Ahmiyat Ka Hamil Hy Aur Boht He Aham Kirdar Be Ada Kar Raha Hota Hy.Aur Agar Daikha Jay To Sahafat Ablag Ka Boht He Aham Aur Wasi Zaria Be Hy Jo Mulki Aur Bain-ul-Aqwami Satah Per Honay Walay Samaji, Siyasi, Maashi , Aur Digar Tamam Tar Halat Aur Waqiayat Say Logon May Aghai Form Kar Raha Hota Hy Lakin Tamam Tar Mamalik K Sath Sath Badqismati Say Hamry Muluk Pakistan May B Sahafat Ko Mahdood Kar K Rakh Dia Hy. 91 more words


i Cryptic Crossword 1562 Poins

An enjoyable, fairly straightforward puzzle from Poins today. There was some discussion over on Fifteensquared about whether DONE could equate to ‘conventional’, but ‘done thing’ leapt pretty readily to mind, so I wasn’t that concerned. 121 more words