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Getting Sitecore VM to IaaS

Before letting you go on to the contents of the blog post, I’ve had this one in my draft for quite a while but figured I should finish it. 1,050 more words


Russia’s Crypto-Ruble Just Changed the Game

The crypto-ruble is confusing a lot of people. It shouldn’t.  Putin just took the lead in Crypto-technology.

For weeks now we’ve been getting very mixed signals out of the Russian Government about cryptocurrencies.  1,218 more words


Ethereum, Mises and Why Cryptos are not a Bubble

Bitcoin satisfies Mises’ Regression Theorem as money and that’s why it’s so confusing to some many people. 

So many people simply misunderstand what cryptocurrencies are and what they can be.  856 more words


Azure B series VM's, cheap burstable CPU

The new B series VM is now in preview. These are extremely cheap VM’s that offer burstable CPU performance.

What exactly does that mean? Well, basically you can not run these VM’s at 100% CPU 24/7. 288 more words