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「将来より今が大切」なあなたはここへ行け--Bluemix Challenge 2015総括 [ #cbajp ]

IBMのIaaS「SoftLayer」とPaaS「Bluemix」のユーザーコミュニティは、技術カンファレンスとして「SoftLayer Bluemix Summit 2015」を9月2日に東京・渋谷で開催した。今年2回目を迎えた、Bluemixを基盤にアプリケーションを開発するコンテスト「IBM Bluemix Challenge 2015」の一般部門で最優秀賞を受賞したのは、コンピュータと対話して旅行プランを作るアプリ「またたび」を開発したCTC Cloud Clubだった。



DevOps at IBM - The Goat Farm - Episode 9

How does IBM manage to run web sites for some the World’s largest sporting and television events? With the practices of DevOps of course! In this episode, Ross and Michael talk to Brian O’Connell of IBM. 359 more words


Bypass Traverse Checking in vRealize Automation 6.2

This week we ran into an interesting problem during a Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud implementation. We had the solution implemented with VMware vRealize Automation 6.2, and everything was running smoothly. 432 more words


SolidFire Storage: Appearing At A Platform9 OpenStack Cloud In Your Datacenter

One of the primary benefits of an open platform such as OpenStack is its ability to be an integration engine for various cloud technologies. This gives users the flexibility to choose best of breed  compute, networks, and storage technologies to build out their private cloud while retaining the benefits of a common management framework for operators and a set of consistent APIs for developers. 211 more words


Provisioning a Data Disk on a CentOS Virtual Machine on Azure

Provisioning a New Data Disk

Working with Linux on Azure has brought me back to the basics. This post is all about adding a new Data Disk to an existing Azure CentOS Virtual Machine. 1,264 more words

Microsoft Azure

Create a Simple CentOS Virtual Machine Using Azure Resource Manager

Provisioning a Virtual Machine on Azure

This post will help you setup a CentOS 7.1 Virtual Machine on Azure using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and PowerShell. 1,135 more words

Microsoft Azure

Disk UUIDs and Linux on Azure

Disk UUIDs and Linux on Azure

I recently ran a few tests to figure out how UUIDs behave on Azure when we capture VM Images… 300 more words

Microsoft Azure