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¿El mito del Chiburi?

Hay una gran cantidad de blogs y artículos sobre artes marciales en internet. Iaido no es una excepción pero, lamentablmente, la mayoría de ellos está en inglés. 2,633 more words

Secrets of Iai (Pt. 2b)

Self-cultivation benefits of employing High-Level EA during iai:

In Part 2a of this series ( Secrets of Iai (Pt. 2a) ) I defined Merging as “a sensation of feeling totally connected to the environment…although it may be more accurate to say it is like being completely not DIS-connected! 3,747 more words

Warrior Wednesday - Flow

We practiced Oku Iai the other day. The seated Oku set.

I love both the seated and standing Oku sets because they are the most artistic and free flowing. 153 more words

Martial Arts

2018 AUSKF Iaido Summer Camp and Jodo Seminar

Please join us at the 2018 AUSKF Iaido Summer Camp and Jodo Seminar!

DATE: Thursday, May 31 – Monday, June 4, 2018

LOCATION: George S Eccles Student Life Center at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT… 152 more words


Shu, Ha, Ri ( 守破離) ~Follow, break, leave

Shu, Ha, Ri ( 守破離) ~Follow, break, leave

The essence of Shu Ha Ri is, in the beginning, one focuses on learning the basics through imitation ( 683 more words


Warrior Wednesday - Love

Love is a complicated thing that often seems as though it should be far simpler.

Tonight, I saw a play whose main theme was love. It’s called Little Boxes and it’s playing at Arts Court as part of The Undercurrents Festival. 264 more words


A Tournament of Swords

What is it like to participate in an Iaido tournament?

When real swords are in play, it’s pretty hard to have a tournament similar to Kendo. 1,904 more words