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The Steep Approach to Garbadale by Iain Banks

The Steep Approach to Garbadale is the third novel I’ve read by Iain Banks, and my favourite so far of his books. I started with… 589 more words


Featured book - Green - A powerful Sci-Fi book exploring inner space - another extract

This is a short section about the child – Elspin. She is within her internal universe and has become aware of her existence. She sees herself as a green colour with an infinite universe within her own head. 319 more words


Featured book - Green - A Sci-Fi novel exploring consciousness - an extract.

Chapter – 1

A flash of orange light exploded in the room with dazzling intensity.


The shockwave, following right behind, resounded with an echoey thud that hit the two people in the apartment with a solid thump. 5,228 more words


Featured book - Green - The cover - a Sci-Fi novel that explores the universe within.

I used a painting of mine for the cover. It was a person in a prison in a cloud. They are gripping the bars and peering out. 190 more words


Featured book - Green - A Sci-Fi novel about the nature of mind, with environmental overtones and

I wrote this book in order to investigate the idea of the human mind. I wondered what a mind would be like if it was cut off from the world and had no input, no speech or contact with other people. 230 more words


12. The Wasp Factory

Sadly there have been no long train rides this week. But that didn’t stop me devouring The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks. This is not my first time reading this novel, but it has been ten years since I’ve read it. 455 more words


The Player of Games Review

Book Title The Player of Games

Series Culture (book 2)

Genre Sci-fi

Author Iain M. Banks


If you’ve read Consider Phlebas… 339 more words

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