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Whit by Iain Banks: A Book Review

I liken Iain Banks- along with all writers who may resemble him- to a student inspired to be recognized as a prolific writer. To fulfil his ambition, with dogged determination, he applies to a publishing company submitting all the samples of his works. 1,100 more words


Goodness and Rightness

‘Canal Dreams’ (1989) starts underwater with the most vivid description of scuba diving I’ve read, sparking many memories of this ‘swimming like flying’ (p. 3). It is such a gentle start to one of… 454 more words

Reading diary, #55

It might look I had a run of books by male authors, but in amongst these were several sf novels by female writers, which I plan to review on SF Mistressworks soon-ish. 2,178 more words


Taking stock in September

Inspired by Rachel, inspired by Pip

Making : two patchwork cushions for an order for Lindi

Cooking : there’s a photocopied recipe for Julie Sahni’s  384 more words


great Scottish writers - Iain Banks, The Wasp Factory

Iain Banks (1985) The Wasp Factory.

I’ve read this book before and after reading it again I kinda remembered what happened in the end. But I didn’t appreciate it as a work of genius, the kind of thing I’d like to write, as I do now. 732 more words

Iain Banks - Complicity

I was recently recommended this book by a colleague who said I would like it because I love crimes, thrillers and horrors.  I’ve never read any other novels by Iain Banks so I figured I’d give him a shot. 460 more words


Iain Banks, 'The Wasp Factory' (1984)

I first read The Wasp Factory when I was 18. I’d never heard of Banks; but in 1992 he visited a local bookshop to promote his novel  871 more words