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The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks paired with some extraordinarily good chocolate from The Chocolate Tree and Charlotte Flowers

24th February 2017 (apologies for the late write-up). We met at George’s house and Anna, George, Gini, Jo, Kathryn, Theresa, Trudy and Vicky made the meeting. 1,217 more words

Book Reviews

Judge a book by its cover. (Part three). The rebrand.

We’ve discussed the disasters I’ve had and the improvements I made to my book covers but now I’ve decided to change again. ‘Why?’ you may ask. 1,147 more words


Slipped through a wormhole from 2267

Curiously, after yesterday’s events in Florida, a message seemingly from the far future slipped through a wormhole in the space-time continuum and just happened to appear in the ether here at Mansfield Towers. 890 more words


Mini review: The Wasp Factory / Iain Banks

Another case of being late to the party, reading-wise. Although, in my defence, The Wasp Factory was published in 1984.

Frank Cauldhame, sixteen years old, serial animal mutilator and multiple murderer, lives on a remote Scottish island with his incapacitated father. 230 more words

Goodreads review: The Business

The Business by Iain Banks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

You know those books that you read and enjoy while you’re reading them, but when you’re finished you struggle – even when it’s only days later – to recall much about them? 454 more words


‘Forgotten Middle Rows’ by Encota: a Setter's Blog

I’d like to position my Iain Banks – themed puzzle very much as a celebration of his life, by quoting from his (I think only) non-fiction book, Raw Spirit: In Search of the Perfect Dram, where he is delighted to be getting paid to do a tour of Scotland’s Distilleries – and his friends keep ringing him up with dialogue pretty along the following lines… 557 more words

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Forgotten Middle Rows by Encota

Encota is a new name in the Listener but we have just struggled to the end of his numerical crossword in this month’s Magpie and, of course, he is our fellow blogger on Listen With Others (and no doubt equally frustrated to have to rewrite blogs that we wrote during the last three weeks because of some crass, imbecile of a hacker who wiped out our Word Press work together with that of thousands of others). 593 more words

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