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Genuinely absurd books are hard to come by, rather than stories that are designed to be weird such as ‘Naked Lunch’ they appear relatively normal until you dig deeper. 1,159 more words

Quote of the day

In so much of politics you’re not allowed to disagree with what’s been agreed. –  Iain Banks who celebrates his 63rd birthday today.


February 16 in history

1032 Emperor Yingzong, of China, was born  (d. 1067).

1646  Battle of Great Torrington, Devon – the last major battle of the first… 542 more words


"PROGRESS hardly broke its stride"

This film is an expression of my bewilderment about current world politics. I hope that you can appreciate its irony.

The title of this film is the first line from a poem called “3.” by Iain Banks. 11 more words


He loved the light itsel'

A selection of IDENTS that I have collected from reading last year.

I intend to use some, or all of them, in my family film looking back on 2016:

Two Cultures

Get Some Culture

Have you heard of The Culture?

The Culture is the setting for a series of novels and short stories by British author Iain Banks. It’s a post-scarcity utopia, where need has been completely eliminated, and there is near total freedom. 488 more words