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Browncoat Blues: Five SF Novels That Are Like FIREFLY

A few months ago, someone in my Facebook SF group asked about books that are “like Firefly.” I took that as a challenge, to assemble a list of recommendations of books I’ve read that had a certain something that resembled Joss Whedon’s TV space western. 863 more words


SURFACE DETAIL - Iain M. Banks (2011)

It’s simple: if you like Banks’ Culture novels, you’ll like this one. It’s not the best Culture novel – that’s Excession – but it’s still excellent. 67 more words


New Perspective.

The barges lay on the darkness of the still canal, their lines softened by the snow heaped in pillows and hummocks on their decks. The horizontal surfaces of the canal’s paths, piers, bollards and lifting bridges bore the same full billowed weight of snow, and the tall buildings set back from the quaysides loomed over all, their windows, balconies and gutters each a line edged with white. 494 more words

Books Read in 2015 45. Consider Phlebus - Iain M. Banks

Genre: Science fiction, Adventure

Narrative Style: Third person

Rating: 3/5

Published: 1987

Format: Paperback

Reading Challenges: Eclectic Reader Challenge – Genre: Science fiction set in space. 352 more words

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Cthulhu's Corner: A Battle Between God-Like Machines and God-Like Outer Gods

Sometimes even a Great Old One like myself gets bored and wanders the internet in search of entertainment.  Recently I cam across this bit of short fiction created in response to a question posted on the Reddit sub r/AskScienceFiction.   2,431 more words

Cthulhu's Corner

Thinking about "The Culture"

Brother Brad weighed in hard on the awful awfulness of the hacking “research” in the new Dragon Tattoo book, which got the Swiss Family Vance thinking about what it takes to pick up someone else’s series and keep it going. 357 more words