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Reporter’s Notebook: A City at the Crossroads Examines Migration, Through Art

Italy’s new government is making strong gestures to deter migrants. But Manifesta, a major international art exhibition in the capital of Sicily, takes a more open view. 8 more words

Ian Bagley

What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Love Means Zero’ and ‘Rick and Morty’

The latest season of “Rick and Morty” arrives on Hulu. And a portrait of the tennis coach Nick Bollettieri airs on Showtime.

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Ian Bagley

XXXTentacion’s Killers Tracked Him as He Entered Motorcycle Dealership

Orange sandals worn by one of the rapper’s killers on Monday helped lead to the arrest of a suspect on murder charges, court records show. 8 more words

Ian Bagley

Large-Scale Art Protest Outside OxyContin Maker Ends in Arrest

A 13-foot sculpture of a “heroin spoon” was placed in front of Purdue Pharma headquarters, an emblem of what critics say is its role in the opioid crisis. 8 more words

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Scene City: Summer Solstice

Benefits were held for the Untermyer Gardens, the City Parks Foundation, the Wildlife Conservation Society and Caramoor.

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ABC Pulls Episode of ‘The Proposal’ After Sexual Assault Accusation

A contestant on the new reality dating series is accused of aiding the sexual assault of a woman in Milwaukee last fall.

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Ian Bagley