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The pursuit of trivia

Over the last few months, my wife and I have been obsessively playing HQ Trivia, an online game show that until recently was available only on Apple devices. 1,206 more words


I Dream Of Objects

Two views. Pick one. Or none, if you disagree with both.

Dreams as affective manifestations: Virtually no one denies that dreams can be affective, productive of nonconscious phenomenological vectors capable of precipitating new patterns of thought and forms of relation. 486 more words


A Digital Beat

A ring forged in stainless steel and wrapped in a rosy gold coating lain cold in a glass box, touched only by gloves and fluorescent lighting. 385 more words

Blog Posts

Friday October 6, 2017

I sometimes pray silently to the equivalent of a program, a ghost in the machine, in hopes that it will take pity on me by unlocking invisible doors onto other quadrants of the game-board. 347 more words

Alien Phenomenology

Alien Phenomenology, or What It’s Like to Be a Thing by Ian Bogost

What else is there, here, anywhere right now? Anything will do, so long as it reminds us of the awesome plentitude of the alien everyday. 1,514 more words


The Paradox of Choice

Last week, I mentioned that I had started reading Play Anything, by Ian Bogost. Some of his ideas sparked ideas of my own, and I talked a bit about the fun aspect of minimalism. 406 more words

Green Living

Minimalism as Play

I just started a new book called Play Anything, by Ian Bogost. It’s not directed at minimalism, or zero-waste, or really anything that this blog is supposed to be about. 421 more words

Green Living