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Correlationism and Ideologies of Rupture

The perspective considered in the previous post—namely, that all things are ontologically independent while nevertheless enjoying standing within the communion of beings—suggests that human beings do not enjoy a privileged… 1,108 more words

Object-Oriented Ontology

Gus van Sant’s Desert Golfing, or “Are 100 Hour Games Ever Worthwhile 2: Nihilistic Boogaloo”

Justin Keever | July 10, 2015

The most important piece of criticism about Justin Smith’s Desert Golfing wasn’t actually about Desert Golfing. Nope, the best article I’ve ever read about Smith’s critical darling was written almost three years before the game’s release by Michael Thomsen, who… 4,011 more words


How Apple's Transcendent Chihuahua Killed the Revolution

Ian Bogost | from The Geek’s Chihuahua | University of Minnesota Press | April 2015 | 22 minutes (5,539 words)

The following is an excerpt from Ian Bogost’s book… 5,669 more words


Chapter Ten: Gamification: Bulls**t or Beneficial?

“Gamification is bulls**t.”
– Ian Bogost, game designer and professor at Georgia Tech

We all know I love a bit of melodrama but Ian here really kicked it up a notch in his… 557 more words


What the Fuck about Ian Bogost?

Ian Bogost

Bogost is something akin to a video game designer by day and an object oriented crime fighter by night.

Alien Phenomenology

Bogost’s take on the decentering of human access comes in the form of what he advocates as “Alien Phenomenology”. 92 more words

Literary Criticism

Diegisis of Menus

When playing Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft there are many game mechanics that can be looked toward as having formal meaning. Of these many mechanics, the one that intrigues me the most are the menus in the game. 626 more words

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Time is Money (Option #2)

Blizzard is implementing a new item into World of Warcraft called the WoW token. This token can be purchased using real money and sold in-game on the auction house for gold. 681 more words

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