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Friday October 6, 2017

I sometimes pray silently to the equivalent of a program, a ghost in the machine, in hopes that it will take pity on me by unlocking invisible doors onto other quadrants of the game-board. 347 more words

Alien Phenomenology

Alien Phenomenology, or What It’s Like to Be a Thing by Ian Bogost

What else is there, here, anywhere right now? Anything will do, so long as it reminds us of the awesome plentitude of the alien everyday. 1,514 more words


The Paradox of Choice

Last week, I mentioned that I had started reading Play Anything, by Ian Bogost. Some of his ideas sparked ideas of my own, and I talked a bit about the fun aspect of minimalism. 406 more words


Minimalism as Play

I just started a new book called Play Anything, by Ian Bogost. It’s not directed at minimalism, or zero-waste, or really anything that this blog is supposed to be about. 421 more words


Robot Futures: Vision and Touch in Robotics

If you’re in London in early July, I think you should go to the Robot Futures: Vision and Touch in Robotics event just next to the Science Museum, organised by… 630 more words

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Griebi šakes ir varai

Jei kažkiek sekate žaidimų mediją galbūt praėjo prieš beveik mėnesiuką pro jūsiškę ausį žinios apie naują Ian Bogost straipsnį. Jeigu ne – pamėginsiu pats trumpai nušviesti. 1,033 more words