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The Sweet Hereafter (1997)

A bus crash in a small town brings a lawyer to the town to defend the families, but he discovers that everything is not what it seems. 82 more words

Locke: A Little British Gem

Must everyone mischaracterize Locke? Before I saw it, the poster left me thinking Tom Hardy would give his best Ryan Gosling in Drive impression. Critics classified it with… 899 more words

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The Key

An actor friend recently said of Freddie Jones, (pictured), “I want that man to live forever.”

There are relatively few adaptations of Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There… 219 more words


Oh! What a Lovely War

I remember that my high school history classes didn’t always give equal time to all of the major conflicts that the US was involved in. We spent a lot of time on the Vietnam War, after all it had occurred within our lifetimes, but the Korean War only got a short unit. 673 more words


Naked Lunch (1991)


Hell. Naked Lunch surely qualifies as one of David Cronenberg’s most intense, multi-layered, and head-spinning films. Unlike other classic Cronenberg films like The Fly… 106 more words

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Garden State

Andrew Largeman (Zach Braff) is in a listless daze, working as a waiter/failed actor at a Vietnamese restaurant in Los Angeles when he receives a message from his father (Ian Holm) that his mother has died. 962 more words


Chariots of Fire (1981)

“Now there are just two of us – young Aubrey Montague and myself – who can close our eyes and remember those few young men with hope in our hearts and wings on our heels… 970 more words

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