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Podcast July 23 - Star Trek Beyond, Captain Fantastic, Ice Age 5 and Cafe Society

What a week! After the debacle that pronounced itself upon us last week, Cory and I found a much better franchise film in Star Trek Beyond… 94 more words


“The Day After Tomorrow” – Earth’s Future?

In “The Day After Tomorrow” (2004) we meet a paleoclimatologist (yes I don’t know exactly what that means either) called Jack who literally sees an ice shelf break off in Antartica due to Global Warming. 604 more words


Alien (1979)

Directed by Ridley Scott, When a mining ship lands on a planet to investigate upon a suspected SOS, the entire crew are unaware of the terror which they would unleash upon their ship. 52 more words


Brazil - Review


Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is one of the biggest struggles I’ve had in a long time, not in the sense that it is a bad film, but because I find it so hard to pinpoint every last detail about why I love such a film. 734 more words

Film Reviews

DVD review – ‘The Fifth Element’

Hello everyone!

I’ve seen the third of three birthday presents from my best mate from school, Stephen.

‘The Fifth Element’ is a science-fiction that I’ve enjoyed watching and found very interesting. 280 more words


Henry V (1989)

Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s play was his directorial debut and at the time many scoffed at the very idea that this young whipper-snapper would dare to challenge Laurence Olivier and his then definitive version. 247 more words