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Does Ted Nugent Belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Ted Nugent feels he deserves induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, certainly more than Patti Smith, Madonna, Grandmaster Flash and ABBA, about whose inclusion he asks, “Why don’t you just piss on Chuck Berry’s grave?” 561 more words

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Ian Mackaye - Dischord Records, Fugazi... (2010)

Ian Mackaye would likely shrug if you called him a hero or an idol, mostly because he doesn’t give as much as a fuck about titles as we do – or as he often puts it, his primary concern is simply ‘doing good work’. 6,591 more words



Interview By Mike Layout by Ed

The first part of this interview was in issue 4. Sorry for doing it as a two part series but after it hit page 12 I had no choice but to cut it off. 2,775 more words

Random Start: The Evens - “Dinner with the President”

I don’t know why it took me so long to check out The Evens (maybe listened to them for the first time 2 or 3 months ago), but I really like them.


Art and Politics Collide at Creative Time Summit October 13-16 at the Lincoln Theater

This October 14 – 16, Creative Time will hold its annual summit, the world’s largest conference on art and social change, at the Lincoln Theater in Washington, DC. 451 more words

The Sound of Whiteness Under Siege: Punk Rock Viewed From the Right

Part One

Steve Sailer recently compared the Alt-Right to punk rock. It’s an apt analogy in more ways than one, and as someone whose adolescence was informed by that music, it’s one that I readily appreciated. 5,639 more words

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