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It should be among the books that consumed my time the least (but not necessarily my effort) to finish. It just took me two days, interrupted with meetings with friends and family during Tet Holiday, to complete it.

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Specific Writing

Saturday, by Ian McEwan, took me the whole weekend to read.

I always confuse Ian McEwan, one of my favorite contemporary authors, with Ewan McGregor for some reason; perhaps because both people have amazing accents, and Ian McEwan writes stories of love, while Ewan McGregor enacts them. 565 more words

1001 Books.

A Prophetic Soul? Ian McEwan's Nutshell

McEwan, Ian. Nutshell. Toronto: Knopf Canada, 2016.

This is one of McEwan’s short books. It is a very clever and witty book indeed, but I’m not sure I enjoyed it as much as others have. 445 more words

Book Review

Brush Up Your Shakespeare!

First there was the Austen project, various modern authors writing novels based on her novels—I loved McCall Smith’s Emma, her father turned into a health food fanatic—and now there is the Shakespeare project, with various modern authors taking on the plays. 437 more words

Ann Tyler

speaking to thinking

“Speaking’s just a form of thinking and he must be as stupid as he appears.”

– Ian McEwan, Nutshell


too solid

“This too solid stench feeds the timid mice behind the skirting and swells them to rats.”

– Ian McEwan, Nutshell



“I’ve heard it argued that long ago pain begat consciousness. To avoid serious damage a simple creature needs to evolve the whips and goads of a subjective loop, of a felt experience. 96 more words