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2014 Snapshot Archive: Ian McHugh

First published at Stephanie Gunn’s blog.

Ian McHugh’s first success as a speculative fiction writer was winning the short story contest at the 2004 Australian national SF convention (he still has the certificate). 910 more words


Review: The Never-Never Land, edited by Mitchell Ackhurst, Phillip Berrie and Ian McHugh

Australia has it own mythologies. Some of them were here long before Europeans arrived; some of them are yet to come. Steam-powered bushrangers. Restless penal colonies. 889 more words


2010 Snapshot Archive: Ian McHugh

First published at Alexandra Pierce’s LiveJournal.

Ian McHugh is a graduate of Clarion West and the 2008 grand prize winner in the Writers of the Future contest. 1,288 more words


Down the Research Rabbit Hole #7 - with Ian McHugh

Research Rabbit Holes can be fabulously inspirational, or horribly time wasting. They can take you in directions that are wildly irrelevant to your story, or can help you add layers of authenticity and meaning to your work. 1,653 more words