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Fair is film and film is fair – Cinema and the Shakespeare Adaptation

It is no debate that Justin Kurzel has crafted something wicked in his Macbeth: this is a savage Scotland where Shakespeare’s words flourish under a camera and cast that mingles cinema with sin. 1,160 more words


In chess, the pawns go first...

Quick post! Because i keep forgetting to write about them and i wanted to give them a separate post before i started watching “First Class” and “Days of Future Past” that i’ve not seen before. 485 more words


Amusing things that you will see in The Hobbit.

Hello all!! This is the second post in the “Amusing Things Collection”. Thank you so much for reading my last Post on “The Almighty Johnsons”, I very much appreciate it! 660 more words

Aidan Turner

Book vs. Film: The Hobbit

# HUGE SPOILER WARNING!!! I will discuss much of the plot in both the book ‘The Hobbit’ and associated movies.

This is my 33rd book read for the year :) I need to be clear upfront that I loved the book and really liked the movies so don’t think that all the negatives I am about to throw at you mean I didn’t like the movies. 840 more words

52 Books In 52 Weeks

My Current Favorites ♠ Autumn 2015


Mr. Holmes: I know this came out during the summer. However, I saw it in early August… right after I did my summer post. 352 more words


The Quaint Reimagination of 'Mr Holmes'

MR. HOLMES opens to a soft, glowing view of the English countryside rather than the gloomy mood of Baker Street in London from where the popular detective resides. 576 more words

The 500 Film Challenge

Richard III (1995)

I appear to have Richard III in the brain. First I saw two documentaries about making the play itself and now it’s turn for a full fledged feature film adaptation. 920 more words

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