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Further into Darkness

“I confess, I do love telling a good, scary story….” – The Architect

The Architect, a purveyor of dark dreams who crafts his tales of terror from the torn fabric of nightmares. 333 more words

Day Of The Dead (2008)

A group of survivors and military personnel attempt an escape from a small town suffering an outbreak of a deadly virus that turns the inhabitants into flesh eating creatures. 250 more words


Big Finish Review - Doctor Who: The Churchill Years Vol. 1

Written by Doctor Squee (Host of the Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Big Finish continue to expand their range and it’s another box set to take place in the ‘new Who’ era. 1,056 more words

Doctor Who

Audio Drama Review: The Churchill Years Vol. 1

“I was awaiting Miss Warner’s arrival with all the calm patience for which I am renowned.”
“Winston, please…is she an American?  Because she can probably hear you from there!” 593 more words

Third Eye Cinema Podcast

Thoughts on: The Wedding of River Song

I have friends who are casual viewers of Doctor Who who’ve told me the show became far too confusing for them in Series 6. Perhaps it’s true that complicated series arcs put the casual viewers off, since traditionally (i.e. 1,129 more words

Doctor Who

Drawing: The King's Speech

Before it reached the big screen, The King’s Speech was a play. At its heart is the relationship between the stuttering King George VI and the Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue’s treatment to correct the English Royal’s debilitating impediment. 206 more words