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Ian Paisley: An Appraisal

When Lord Bannside (better known as Rev Ian Paisley), the founder of the Democratic Unionist Party and the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, died on September 12th at the age of 88, a local newspaper marked his passing with the dismissive headline, Death of a Demagogue. 1,336 more words


OAP arrested over allegations of posting soiled knickers through Jim Corr's letter box

A neighbour of Dundalk-born musician Jim Corr has been arrested over allegations of posting soiled knickers through his letter box.

According to a report in today’s Irish Mirror, officers questioned the pensioner over claims of harassment at the luxury gated Crawfordsburn estate in Co Down, where the 50-year-old lives. 208 more words

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It was hardly an ‘invasion’ in the true military sense. Nothing like the 200,00 Allied forces that invaded Iraq in 2003 or the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 or of Poland in 1939. 515 more words


Ian Paisley: a voice crying in the wilderness

Ian Paisley who founded the fundamentalist Free Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland, and who was also an Irish politician, was truly a modern day Prophet and John the Baptist. 1,763 more words

Ian Paisley vs the Antichrist Pope of Rome

In 1988 at the European Parliament, preacher and politician Ian Paisley made a stand against the Antichrist Pope. In a world full of people claiming to be prophets, who are the real prophets who are actually sent by God? 464 more words

It was correct of Cameron to laud the achievements of Paisley’s career

Published in The Student Online 20/09/2014.  It can also be read here. 

Since the death of Ian Paisley last Friday, the former First Minister of Northern Ireland, he has had his political record lauded across the establishment, including by David Cameron. 508 more words

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