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Mighty Prevailing Prayer (Pt 1)

Without many words, I simply wish to share with you by the words of much more worthy men than I the astounding power of prayer.  These testimonies compel me to my knees.   83 more words

My life in a Banana Republic: January

Jambo Jambo!

I have returned from visiting my family in Africa.

Shortages, queues, poor hospitals, corruption, political instability.

But I think I can cope till my next trip away. 395 more words

Paisley's Library Reveals Admiration For Eoin Mulligan

The late Ian Paisley’s vast personal library, which opened for any member of the public to come and browse through a collection of 55,000 volumes, produced a couple of surprises after it emerged that Eoin Mulligan’s autobiography ‘ 234 more words


Don't Assume Someone Else's Motives

Thanks for your patience as I took a brief break from blogging.

Man cannot know the thoughts and intents of the hearts of man.

Ian Paisley (1926-2014)

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