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Thoughts On The Stones Without Research

  • From England.
  • London, to be specific.
  • I cannot be any more specific.
  • A nice part, though: none of the original members of the Stones wanted for much as children.
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Billy’s Boys – When Northern Ireland so nearly reached Euro 1984

“It was agonisingly close to going our way,” said Billy Bingham of Northern Ireland’s Euro 1984 qualifying campaign. “We must still be proud of what we achieved. 223 more words


Thursday Night Blitz Game of the Week: Savannah Christian vs. Jenkins

Savannah, GA – Our 4th season of the WSAV Thursday Night Blitz Game of the Week, for week zero we present Savannah Christian versus Jenkins. The last time these two teams met, Savannah Christian beat Jenkins 23-7. 54 more words


Professor Stewart's Incredible Numbers

by Ian Stewart

Synopsis: At its heart, mathematics is about numbers, our fundamental tools for understanding the world. In Professor Stewart’s Incredible Numbers, Ian Stewart offers a delightful introduction to the numbers that surround us, from the common (Pi and 2) to the uncommon but no less consequential (1.059463 and 43,252,003,274,489,856,000). 109 more words


Thursday Night Blitz Game of the Week Preview

Savannah, GA – Just a few days away until our 4th season of the WSAV Thursday Blitz Game of the Week. For week zero our match-up is Savannah Christian versus Jenkins. 78 more words


Blitz Preview: Savannah High School

Savannah, GA – Savannah High School is gearing up for the upcoming season by rebuilding their foundation. With a young team Coach Welch and the players are ready to revitalize the team. 82 more words


Summer Books

During the summer holiday I never enjoy reading hard math text books and most of the time I enjoy reading more easy ones. Normally I chose them carefully, to find out more about a subject I am not really confident with. 544 more words