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2016 Night of Champions

A big celebration held tonight to recognize accomplishments of some amazing people.
The Night of Champions supports differently abled adults who are employed by businesses in Savannah and the Lowcountry. 49 more words


Fair Shares

In 1944, as the Russian army fought to reclaim Poland from the Germans, the mathematician Hugo Steinhaus, trapped in the city of Lvov, sought distraction in a puzzle. 129 more words

Fun With Mathematics

A Question of Breeding

Ref: Professor Ian Stewart’s Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities

Farmer Hogswill went to the village tete, where he met five of his friends: Percy Catr, Dougal Dogge, Benjamin Hamster, Porky Pigge and Zoe Zebra. 144 more words

Fun With Mathematics

Strictly Logical

Only an elephant or a whale gives birth to a creature that weighs more than 100 kg.

The President weighs more than 150 kg.

Therefore, … 15 more words

Fun With Mathematics

What Shape is a Crescent Moon?

The Moon is low in the sky shortly after sunset or before dawn; the bright part of its surface forms a beautiful creation. The two curves that form the boundary of the crescent resemble arcs of circles, and are often drawn that way. 34 more words

Fun With Mathematics

On multiplexity and the Zarathustrans

In my last post talking about simplex–complex–multiplex, there was one angle missing from what Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart say about them. I’ll write about it in a post of its own but also add it there afterwards. 690 more words


Simplex, complex, multiplex: A collection of quotes

Samuel R. Delany’s science fiction novel Empire Star introduces an intriguing trio of concepts: simplex, complex and multiplex. They concern how much a mind is stuck in one world view or how much it can think through multiple ones. 4,065 more words